Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

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Keep It Safe With Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

There are environmental and safety issues as regards wood-burning fireplaces so there are some precautions to take before having one installed in your home.

The wood-burning fireplace insert has its unique appeal especially the sound of crackling logs and the quivering tongue of a real flame fireplace. Modern fireplace inserts try to copy these features as can be seen in various gas log fires wherein the gas tank resembles closely a real log. However, nothing can still mimic the beauty of an open fireplace.

To enjoy your wood-burning fireplace insert, you need to install it in a safe location where it is less likely to harm anyone. Proper venting should also be considered like a chimney fireplace to direct the smoke away from the room. In addition, the firebox in the fireplace should be a few meters out of reach so that children will not be tempted to play with the logs.

Fireplace heaters like the wood-burning fireplaces are very efficient especially during those cold chilly months of winter. For some places, an old fireplace using chopped wood may be the only option especially when access to a gas line is not doable. You can still have a modern fireplace like the electric fireplace heater if you wish to have one of those contemporary fireplaces.

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However, wood-burning fireplaces still have a market for areas with access to wood. For added safety, you would need fireplace tools to maintain and clean your fireplace. You could even embellish your old fireplace with your fireplace design.

The mantle fireplace has been widely used as focal points in home decors so you could employ your unique decorative style. You could put in fire screens to keep the embers away so cuddling by the hearth of your fireplace will be a cozy and wonderful experience for you and your family. The direct vent wood-burning fireplaces have been part of happy memories of many children growing up heating their marshmallows in the fire.

You could also save on electric bills by having a log fireplace using real wood. Just make sure you have the right fireplace and accessories to manage your fireplace use. Your logs should be nicely kept in a clean and dry storage area. You will also need a fireplace tool to hold your tools like your tongs or poker so that these will not clutter your area.

Like in all kinds of fireplaces, you would need to be cautious when using your firebox. Never leave your fireplace unattended or burning if you will be going out. Some accessories like a fireplace door or fireplace guards are also easy and affordable ways to keep your wood-burning fireplaces safe.

Fireplace Tools Allowing You Optimal Fun With Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Some people think that wood-burning fireplaces are every hard to operate and maintain because it uses wood as the primary fuel sources. This is not necessarily so given the right fireplace tools to help you along. True, fireplaces that use wood as fuel could mean soot and ashes, but it could also mean warmth and ambiance.

Many modern fireplaces try to mimic the unique allure of wood-burning fireplaces especially the entrancing flicker of the fire and the crackling of the wood logs. For sure, a fireplace of this kind can easily bring cheer and comfort to anyone who shelters by its hearth. If you do not have any connection to a gas line, this is perhaps your best option. If you have a steady source of kindling then you can save on costs by using a wood-burning fireplace.

Naturally, you need to invest in the right tools to fully enjoy your fireplace. Tools are highly useful and they can be quite decorative as well. We begin with andirons that sit inside your fireplace to keep the logs together. If you have a fireplace grate to keep your wood together then your andirons will hold your grate. This is crucial so that the logs will burn efficiently rather than scattered about and keeping the fire insufficient. The andirons will also keep the logs from rolling down and scattering ashes or worst, starting a fire.

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Fireplace Stands

The fireplace stand is the one that holds the fireplace tools that you will regularly use. In this way, you can organize your tools and keep them in a safe place and not just be haphazardly placed anywhere potentially causing injuries and accidents. It will also enhance your decorative fireplace for there are stands that come in very stylish designs.

Naturally, when you burn wood, you will have ashes and soot. You can easily clean up by using a broom and scoop. It only takes a few seconds to scoop those ashes and not a bothersome chore if you have the right tools.

Fireplace Tong

You may need to stoke the fire to make sure it burns efficiently. For this, you would need a poker, which is safe to use rather than any long pole or stick you find. Pokers come in decorative designs to complement your beautiful wood-burning fireplace.

You can control the fire by using tongs to move the logs. You can remove some or add more depending on the level of heating you require. Tongs will hold the wood together to make the job easy for you. Again, this process is fairly easy to do and not a deterrent for you to un-choose a wood-burning fireplace.


You have a variety of fireplace tools in varying materials that you can choose depending on the theme you are employing for your interiors. You can choose wrought iron, copper, brass, bronze, graphite, nickel, stainless steel, and pewter. With so many choices, you will surely find one that you fancy or work well with the other furniture in your interiors.

In selecting your fireplace tools, your primary consideration is the safety issue. The tools need to be fire-resistant since you will be using these mostly when the fire is burning. Though these tools can tolerate fire, they can conduct heat so make sure you invest in fire-resistant gloves as well.

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert
Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

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