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Themed Bedroom – Room Decoration Ideas 2022

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Themed Bedroom

Room Decoration Ideas 2022


Themed Bedroom Ideas 2022| Here at we also put a high value on general Home Design. At Stacked Stone Tile you can find valuable home design resources about almost every constitutive element of your house. Before we start, please take a coup of coffee or tea, relax on your chair and be prepaired. A good music will be also great. We’ve inserted inspiration advices for our readers.

1. Themed Bedroom for Kids: The Unique Pillow Designs For Your Child’s Room

Whenever parents contemplate on designing their little children’s room, they often end up with the idea of putting a lot of toys in the corner of the room. However, with the new and unique pillow designs, you could make your children’s room even more fascinating and interesting for them.

For a kid who loves computers and new technology gadgets, get a pillow with an iPhone design. If your kid is still very small then you should think of something cuter and more on the innocent side. The perfect pillow for this little kid would be the biscuit shaped pillow – it looks just real.

To make it even more personalized, go for a pillow with the first letter of your child’s name written on it. If your child is a geek and loves all the computer related stuff, there is a great pillow with DOS commands printed on it and this would be the perfect one to put on your geeky child’s bed.

For a rock star baby, go for those pillows designed in the shape of guitar and a stereo. If your child is interested in photography and you too see a real talent in him/her of photography, there are these unique black and white pillows with cameras drawn on them.

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2. Themed Bedroom Idea: The Best Rock Star

With all the good things that we teach our children today, we have to let them do their own thing as well. One of the most influential things for teens is the rock music and rock stars. It isn’t rare to see a teenage boy or girl long for a room that looks like a true rock star room.

So what could you do as parents to give your child the true rock star room? Well, first thing that you would want to remember is that a rock star room is anything but sober or decent. The walls of a rock star room are wild and loud.

The decoration of the room must be on the wild side and young too. Dark paints are highly recommended including dark red, maroon, purple or simply black – black is good for two sides of the room. Hang some of the most famous rock albums from the ceilings and some posters of the most renowned rock bands on the wall – it’s highly recommended to know your child’s favorite band in this case.

It could be a little costly but since you are parents and are expected to do anything for your children so buy a bed in the shape of a guitar. Lastly, do the lighting as it is done in concerts – rock concerts.

3. A Unique Ceiling For A Unique Room

Too often it is seen that a room is designed with all the unique ideas in mind but when it comes to the ceiling, it is still just as plain as with any other simple room. Putting the modern design ideas to use you can now design some unique ceilings to make your unique room look even more unique and different from any rooms that you might have seen in your life.

If you like art and are an artist yourself then the artistic ceiling is best for you. To create an artistic style on the ceiling, have one with randomly drawn lines in your favorite color. It could be a very awesome themed bedroom or living room.

If you have a room painted with all natural and light colors, go with a ceiling with the same light background but with dark colored floral designs. For a bolder look you could have the ceiling painted with multicolored stripes.

A better way of giving a more elegant, sober but a luxurious look to the room is to have a patterned ceiling or one with equally distanced shapes – smaller shapes would be best. If your room has a high ceiling, paint it with any dark color and hang a big ball shaped chandelier from it. Wooden ceiling with a white colored chandelier is another great idea.

4. Themed Bedroom Idea: Accessories To Design A Geek’s Room

With technology spreading at such pace and technology gadgets surrounding us from all sides, it has become very common to have at least one computer geek in every house where there are 3 kids.

You could say that all your children are busy doing something on the computer all day but it would be hard to believe that out of 3 none of them uses computer a lot. Anyway, if you have a geeky fellow in the house, here are a few accessories to design his/her room. The arcade light switches provide just the perfect switches for a computer geek.

For the curtains, you have the most fascinating periodic table curtains available in many online stores now. The Pacman couches are just the best couches you could put in your geek child’s room or you wouldn’t just like to miss out on the idea of buying a pixilated sofa.

The social media pillows and cushions are also getting very popular these days and for computer users they are “the best thing”. For the floor, just buy the Persian puzzle rug and you are done. If nothing satisfies their discomfort of having a geeky room, the maze door chain definitely will.

5. Themed Bedroom Idea: Why Should You Decorate Fanciful Kids Rooms?

A bedroom is not just a room to have a sleep for your child. In fact, a bedroom is a half world for a child where he plays games, does his school work and listens to music. You are supposed to keep one thing in your mind that the room you are planning to design for a child should serve all these functions.

Of course, kids love to be in bright and colorful places and it is better to let children choose what kind of rooms they actually want to select when you are creating a room. This is the best way of creating a bedroom for a child. From the growing experience of your life you get to know that mostly kids like kids besides anything else in the world.

So the room you are going to design for your child should be inviting, captivating and attractive so that they can spend some good time together while playing games or studying together.

The important accessories should be portable because kids want change when they do not find comfortable. Furniture accessories should be suitable for child’s age. To personalize child’s room, make contrast of your child’s favorite colors on the wall.

6. How To Set Out Your Study Room?

There are a few very important things that must be kept in mind when you are going to create your study room. Relax and think what kind of environment you exactly want when you are studying. Go with your nature instead of listening to other people’s suggestions.

The lighting, the color of walls and the furniture should always be of your choice. But keep a contrast in your room, so, if the color of walls is bright then decorate your room with dark color furniture. For your comfort, go for good cabinets as per you requirements but do not forget to keep your binders and files in. A state of the art computer desk should be there to make your day easier.

Buy simple computer desk not the L-shaped as it takes too much space than the simple one. But you can go with the L-shaped desk if you have that much space in your room because L-shaped desk allows you to get more working space.

A contemporary chair can be placed in study room so that you can rest your calf for a while. Nobody wants to let one’s mind get distracted by any disturbance while studying in the room. Your main focus should be on comfort whether you keep your room casual or formal so that you can spend your maximum time studying there.

7. Themed Bedroom Idea: The Sensible Computer Room Ideas

Having a computer room has become quite a necessity in the modern times, especially when you have children at home who are about to jump into IT field. However, having a computer room asks for a right decoration idea as well.

First thing that you must choose for your computer is of course, a room. The size of a computer room doesn’t matter: it should be enough to accommodate a computer and let the computer user move easily.

Secondly, you must choose the right paint and it is highly recommended to choose the soothing colors, which are any light shades of blue and green.

If there’s a window in the room, make sure to have vertical or any other types of blinds on them. Blinds will stop the sunlight from entering completely during day time and let some air in at night.

A table for computer is a must but what’s even more important is to have a chair with only enough height to allow you to sit in a posture that doesn’t create a slouch your back.

If your family loves to spend some time watching movies together on computer, throw in a small sized couch. Always have an extension in the safe and nearby place to avoid a clutter of wires and cables.

8. Themed Bedroom Idea: Designing Whimsical Kids Room

Whimsical kids room will absolutely make your kids get more comfortable in their own room. To get it, you just have to decorate their rooms in whimsical style. You can get the style from the gems decoration, creative lighting, unique furnishings, and vibrant and bold colors.

When it comes to the lighting, you can use the balloon lighting. It will give you the imaginative lighting that can be perfectly combined with floating bed. For the bed, it is recommended for you to choose the floating bed with the wooden stage.

Moreover, you can also choose the bed that can turn gently into several different positions. For the theme, you can also choose the style of tree house.

Whimsical Kids Room

Whimsical Kids Room

It will be great if you apply the tree house into the room. Make sure that you choose the right color splash in the tone of tree. When it comes to mattress, you should choose the towering and soft stack of mattress. With that, you can resemble the style of princess and pea.

If you have two divide the room into two, then you should choose the irregular arrangement as the divider. You can enhance the display area as more storage. Those are the basic things to apply to get whimsical kids room.

9. Themed Bedroom Idea: Getting Classy Living Rooms Style

Classy living rooms are actually the things that most people want to get. For the designers of the concept, there are two famous people. They are Meedo and Andrey Zyomko. They both combine the different shape of visualizations. With that, you can see their styles in common.

They create the great highlight to the fancy lighting, wall art, and pictures. Moreover, you can also find the some ideas and tips to turn your tiny living room in the classy space.

When it comes to the furniture, you use the sided and versatile couch that may take most of the room. In front of the couch set, you can place the small desk. In one side next to the couch set, you can install the hanging shelves and versatile. And below the couch set area, you can place the wall mounted bookshelves.

Next to the bookshelves, you will find the square dome that will open to the small area where you can put a round table with the set of stools there. For the color of the room, you should make it as neutral as possible. Black and white color will suit you best. As the focal point, you should choose the orange set of couch, while the other colors in the room should be kept black and white as the usual classy living rooms.

10. Setting-up a Modern Style with Family Room Decorating Ideas

What are the best family room decorating ideas? Since a family room is a place where the family reconnects or relaxes at the end of a long day, it must be comfortable and inviting. A perfect stuff must embrace warm tones, colors and patterns to make an inviting and cozy appearance.

Decorating a family room is not difficult. One way to decorate your family room is to have a unique decorating style. Simply incorporate colors into the room like blue, pink, brown and purple. Keep walls and furniture neutral and utilize accessories to emphasize your preferred style.

You can also add woven rugs and pillows for added appearance. Using huge floor cushions for extra seating is also needed. To make it more elegant and sophisticated, hanging blue lanterns around the room with lighting can change its entire styles.

Another way on how to decorate your family room is through placing a mini movie theater. This is the best furniture for family bonding and recreation. You can also create a tropical atmosphere in your room through soft-blue or off-white paintings. Adding modern plants, framed prints of palm and seashells can also make it more stunning and contemporary. What are you waiting for? Start incorporating the best family room decorating ideas now!

11. Teen Fantastic Room Designs

Teen Fantastic Room Designs – An interior designer from Spain gives us the brilliant options for transforming the bedroom design to become an amazing and fantastic bedroom design. Sergi, Spain designer, shows his photo realistic about his bedroom designs. Teen his bedroom designs are made especially for the teenagers that are hardly to be pleased.

One of his bedroom designs is cool purple bedroom design idea which is so matched for the teenagers. Intentionally, Sergi applies colorful tone of colors that becomes the teenagers’ favorite colors.

The use of color can be used for girls and boys. The teenagers must be amazed by their new bedroom decoration that will color their days. Every day must be a great day doing all activities in their own room. This teem options of fantastic room designs will be the perfect option for parents who will give the surprise for their children by decorating their new bedroom.

One of the benefits of using Sergi’s bedroom designs, the parents do not need to buy some furniture from popular companies because most of Sergi’s bedroom designs have already had the collection of the kids’ furniture set. These renders can match the parents’ and the teenagers’ needs about what they need for their room.

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Themed Bedroom – Room Decoration Ideas 2022
Themed Bedroom – Room Decoration Ideas 2022