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Stone Veneer Panels Exterior and Interior

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Stone veneer panels are sawed off thin sections of larger natural stone blocks. These veneer panels can be used for decorative purposes in the exterior and interior cladding of various types of buildings and homes.

The intention of these veneers is to give a building the appearance of having real stone masonry work. In other words, the walls of the building look like they have been entirely made with stone. Because real stone masonry is often very expensive, natural veneer panels are definitely the next best types to use and they are relatively a less expensive option too.

Apart from the lower expense, an additional benefit of using stone veneer panels instead of regular stones is that it is more environmentally friendly. That’s because there is very little waste when these rock or stone veneers are cut thin. These natural veneers are usually for sale in all kinds of colors, shapes, textures, weights and thicknesses to suit the needs of the building. The majority of veneers are approximately one inch or about two and a half centimeters thick.

Typically, they weigh less than twenty-two pounds or ten kilograms. Thicker veneers panels are also available when needed. More substantial round river stones could also be used to make these kinds of veneers. But, generally these types need a stronger mortar product to keep them in position, and some might end up being not that structurally sound over time.

Stone Veneer Panels Are Easy To Take Care Of

Correctly installed stone veneer panels will be very durable compared to many types of artificial rock and artificial stone veneers because they aren’t that venerable to damage from the weather. They also won’t chip or fade easily. With good upkeep, real stone siding will last for a long period of time. Because of this, the cladding will look good over the years which may increase the value of the structure. For this reason, using this kind of natural veneer might easily end up being a very profitable investment in the long run.

These stone veneer panels can also be used for walls that are inside a home. They can be used for an entire room or for just one wall. Stone veneers can be a very rich alternative to using paint or wallpaper. Another nice advantage of using natural stone veneers for interior walls is that they never go out of style. This kind of natural veneer will add a very classic look to most homes and could also add to its value.

Veneer panels made from stone are not that difficult to install compared to faux stone veneers. But, before these veneers can be installed, the wall surfaces have to be treated first with some kind of waterproof product. The thin stone veneers are then put in place on the structure’s walls using a strong metal attachment. Usually, there is a space between surface of the wall and the stone veneer.

This gap between the stone veneer panels and the wall lets water and air through it to prevent or reduce the possibilities of moisture-related damage.



With Stone Veneer Panels you can make a brilliant house design. It is eye-catching and very friendly to observe. See below some pictures where this kind of decorative element it’s used:


You’ve seen what stone veneer panels can do for your house exterior design. Now let’s take a look on what stacked veneer panels can do for your house interior design. It can be used almost everywhere, from your living room to your bathroom.

Stone Veneer Panels Exterior and Interior
Stone Veneer Panels Exterior and Interior
$62.20 $170.00

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