Small Bedroom Decor: 6 Tips for Success

Have a small bedroom and aren’t sure how to get the most out of your space? Does your bedroom need to multitask as a home office, library and storage room as well?

Although our bedrooms really only need a bed, very often we are forced to fit a desk, dresser, chairs, or other furniture in this room as well. If you’re trying to sort out how to decorate and furnish your small bedroom we have some great tips for you! Small bedroom layout ideas:

1. Make your nightstand work overtime

Most bedrooms benefit from having a nightstand next to the bed. You might only have room for one nightstand but ideally you can have two. Traditionally the top of the nightstand is about the same height or slightly higher than the mattress – this makes it easier to reach things while lying in bed. Of course, in a small bedroom you’ll need to consider how you need to use your nightstand. For example, you might want your nightstand to actually be a desk, or you may need your nightstand to function as a dresser.

Purchase a piece of furniture that allows you to do the most: make sure there are drawers to hide things, a sturdy surface, and that you can get what you need during the night. Measure the maximum amount of space you have to work with and remember that if you need two nightstands they don’t have to be identical. Your room might look best with a low dresser on one side of the bed and a desk on the other. Just use as much room as possible and purchase functional pieces.

2. Organize everything

Small spaces do better with excellent organization. This might mean paring down what you currently own or consolidating. It will also mean hiding things that can make your room look cluttered. Take your power cords for example. In this age of technology it’s not uncommon for a nightstand to have multiple items plugged in like a lamp, clock, phone, computer or other items. Taking the time to hide your power strips and power cords will eliminate visual mess, making your bedroom look neater, cleaner and a bit larger. Here’s a great video for easily organizing cords.

3. Max out your under bed storage

If your bedroom is small and short on space, you should use every square foot to your advantage. Under the bed is one of those freebie storage areas that’s easy to use. This is the perfect spot for off-season clothes, seldom-used kitchen ware, gift wrapping or craft supplies, or other items that you don’t need to access every day. Keep items in clear plastic bins with lids to ensure a dust free storage area. Raising your bed up a few inches can make a huge difference in them amount of room you have for storage.

4. Furniture that is multi-functional

Just like your multi-tasking night stand, the other pieces in your bedroom should be able to do more than one task. Bookshelves can store books and display art but can also be a great spot for a vanity or make-up area, your dresser can store clothes but can also work as a standing height desk, or the chest at the foot of the bed can store important files or extra linens. Look for pieces that have storage potential and remember that even an off-the-shelf item can be easily customized with paint to make it fit in with your style.

5. Add lots of lighting

Good lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a small space appear larger than it is. Dark corners recess, making the room feel small, so make sure that the lighting in your bedroom is lit throughout. It’s easy to add floor lamps or table lamps, and sconces are also easy to hang on the wall. Ideally your lighting will be at varying heights and can be controlled separately so that you can create different moods with your lighting.

6. Don’t forget your walls

Small bedrooms should use the walls as much as possible. Shallow shelving is a great way to display art but also helps make the eye travel upwards and can help visually elevate short ceilings. A well-placed mirror on the wall is perfect for dressing or for the vanity, but also helps reflect more light into the room and makes it feel much larger. Even jewelry or accessories can be displayed upon the walls, adding to the decor of the room as well as the storage possibilities.

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