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Portable Wardrobe Closet Storage Organizer

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Stacked Stone Tile is proud of presenting you with this fresh Portable Wardrobe Closet. This portable closet is designated to maintain your home neat and well organized by incorporating more space for your clothes and accessories.

Here are the features of the Portable Wardrobe Closet:


    This storage closet is perfect for home use, office use, backstage theater use.


    The product is made of breathable material cover to preserve your most precious clothes fresh and protects them from dust, smoke, insects, moisture, and mold. It is good for any type of clothes.


    It is made from a resilient strong metal frame | Plastic connectors, to reduce the weight | It can hold up to 50 pounds of clothes, pants, blouses, dresses, shoes, jackets and another type of clothes.


    You don’t need any complicated tools to assemble and disassemble and you can do it within a few minutes.


What People Say

Joshua, 24 ( actor ):

This is pure awesome! Every week we need to move from a place to the other for our theater rehearsals, to different locations or cities. It is very easy to transport by car or even by train.  Cool thing!!

Elisabeth W., 37 ( Marketing Director ):

very ergonomic and easy to carry. Thanks! 

Steve, 56 ():

much better than the car trunk. Clothes are much more suited and more than that, keeping the smell of food away.

Morgan, 34 (blogger):

Guys this portable wardrobe is PURE AMAZING! I and my little studio apartment space are very satisfied!!!! 

Portable Wardrobe Closet Storage Organizer
Portable Wardrobe Closet Storage Organizer

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