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Melamine Paint – Apply Them Before Your Actual Paint

Melamine paint is a type of paint which is extremely durable and high quality. But, it is very hard to paint the melamine paint!





Your painted furniture will look extremely new (glossy), guaranteed

This is because of the melamine paint itself. Rest assured that it will turn out to be very new-looking after the melamine paint application.

Extremely durable

The paint is very long lasting. Expect it to last for at least 10 years before you consider repainting.

Resistant towards heat

This is the main reason why you see so many people use it for their kitchen countertops and other kitchen furniture. Wherever there’s a lot of heat (high temperature) involved, melamine comes to the rescue.


To be more accurate, this kind of paint is flame-retardant.


It can be cut using a sharp object with heavy pressure.

Certain areas (especially corners) can flake off because the moisture has penetrated through the paint.

The melamine painting area can affect your pet too, especially when your dog or cat walks across the melamine painted area.

How to Paint Melamine Furniture – DIY

At times, you want to save money by doing the painting yourself. Besides, you may have painted the entire house before. No big deal right? But keep in mind that when it comes to painting melamine furniture, it is a new challenge itself due to the difference surface.

Note: You should always paint melamine furniture with melamine paint only. The following is a rough guideline on how you should use melamine paint. But you should always refer to the actual paint label instructions each time.


You must make sure the furniture surface is clean enough. Do this with both soap and water. And then, use a sponge to do the scrubbing. Make sure every inch area is squeaky clean and leave no dirt behind. This initial step is extremely important for the best finish later on.

Then leave it to dry, ensuring it is 100% dry too. Hold your horses if there is 1% moisture. We want the best finish for your melamine furniture, don’t we?


Now sand the melamine surface with the sandpaper (fine grit). How fine should the sandpaper be? Just stick to 220-grit and you’ll be fine. When you do the sanding work, be sure to do it gently. There’s absolutely no need to exert a lot of force. Again, we want to have the best effect later on.


Protect the areas where you don’t want to paint, e.g. hinges, handles with painter tapes. It is not advised to use other types of tapes when doing this. They are not called painter tapes for nothing. What if you don’t like to use painter tapes? Then simply remove these unwanted components. You can do this by loosening the screws for these components using a screwdriver.

Apply paint

Now comes the exciting part. Paint with the melamine primer paint first. This first layer of coat is important. When applying the melamine primer paint, be sure to use a foam roller, not a brush. Why? This is to provide a more even paint distribution, an important quality in painting.

Let the melamine primer paint to dry. Again, be patient to let it completely dry.

Apply the color paint (1st coat)

After the primer paint has dried, use a sponge to apply the melamine color paint (red, blue, green or whichever according to your choice). This is your 1st coat.

Let this 1st layer of melamine paint coat to dry completely.

Apply the color paint again (2nd coat)

Then wait for it to dry. The drying process is very long, taking about 1 week. Be sure not to place any objects on the furniture during this process.

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Melamine Paint – Apply Them Before Your Actual Paint
Melamine Paint – Apply Them Before Your Actual Paint

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