Make Your Home Feel Extra Cozy With These DIYs

6 Cozy DIY Projects for Your Home

Fight the winter chill and keep your home comfortable and cozy all season long with these simple, do-it-yourself pillows, accent pieces and more.  

1. French Grain Sack Basket DIY

Warm after a long brisk day outdoors by relaxing next to the fireplace. This beautiful rustic French grain sack basket is a great way to display and gather wooden logs next to your fireplace so you always have the supplies you need to start a fire on hand. To make your own basket you will need a coffee bag or french grain sack, twill fabric, a plastic insert and a few other basic crafting supplies.

French Grain Sack Basket DIY

For the full tutorial visit Me Sew Crazy.


2. DIY Faux Fur And Flannel Blanket

Fight the chill by bundling up on the couch under an extra warm blanket with decorative faux fur on one side and with soft flannel fabric on the other. This handmade blanket is simple to sew and will make the perfect way to make your living room feel cozier.



Learn how to make your own faux fur blanket at A Beautiful Mess.


3. DIY Sweater Pillow

Instead of throwing out your sweater that you love that no longer fits or is torn, recycle it into a gorgeous pillowcase that you can use as an accent pillow on your sofa. To make your own pillow just find a sweater where the main body area of the sweater is still in good shape and grab some scissors, threw and a pillow form to get started sewing your sweater into a pillow cover.

DIY Sweater Pillow

DIY Sweater Pillow

Read the tutorial at Tidbits.


4. DIY Pine Cone Fire Starter

Get the fire going in your fireplace in no time at all with one of these handmade scented fire starters that are made by dipping a pine cone into colored and scented wax that has a wick wrapped around the pine cone. The wick and the wax will help your fire grow, and the scented wax will fill your home with a the delicious scent of cinnamon. While you are making a batch of the fire starters set aside a few to give to neighbors as it makes a welcomed gift.

DIY Pine Cone Fire Starter

DIY Pine Cone Fire Starter

The full tutorial is available at Something Turquoise.


5. DIY Birch Wood Planters

Dress up your home by adding a grouping of birch wood planters to your coffee table with this clever DIY. Surprisingly these plants are not actually growing in birch logs but recycled cans covered with birch wood scrapbooking paper to create a beautiful planter by dressing up leftover cans.

DIY Birch Wood Planters

DIY Birch Wood Planters

Learn how to make your own DIY birch wood planters by visiting Lolly Jane.


6. DIY Flannel Polar Bear Pillow

Use some flannel fabric in your choice of color to create a removable envelope pillow cover that you can put over an existing toss cushion. Combined with the muslin fabric polar bear detail that is sewn to the front of the pillow this amazing DIY pillow will be the perfect accessory in your home from fall throughout winter.

DIY Flannel Polar Bear PillowDIY Flannel Polar Bear Pillow

DIY Flannel Polar Bear Pillow

Sew your own DIY flannel polar bear pillow by reading the step-by-step guide at Love Grows Wild.



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