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Kitchen Ceramic Tile


When Considering Kitchen Ceramic Tile

When you walk into your kitchen, you notice something. The kitchen looks old and tired. The floors are worn, cracked, and faded. The walls appear old and outdated. The counter is not bad. However, the condition of the backsplash is abhorrent. You know that the floor and backsplash have to go. What type of surface shall you use? Should you have kitchen ceramic tile? You know it looks good. What about the cost? What about installation? Here are some things for your consideration.


When considering a ceramic tile backsplash, think of color and design. What color is your kitchen? You will need something to go with the cabinets. You will also need something that will look good against the counter top. There are so many types of colors and designs. It may be hard to choose.

Consider your kitchen lighting. If you have under the counter lighting, it will show differently on the backsplash. You may want a darker tile. If the lighting is from the ceiling, you may want a lighter tile. This is also subject to opinion.

Do you want the tile to be an exact match to the counter top? Maybe you wish to have a contrast. These are things to consider, when shopping for tile.

Another important consideration is labor. Will you need to tear out old tile? The wallboard may also need replacing. This can run into a considerable amount of work and expense. Are you up to the task? If you are not sure, hire a professional to give you an estimate.

A professional can also advise you on the best type of tile to use. You will not have to worry about making a mess of your kitchen. It will look good for many years to come. Kitchen improvements are almost always a good investment.


Ceramic tile flooring can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It will be easy to keep clean. It will also be easy to care for. Once your ceramic floor is properly sealed, it is close to water proof.

Ceramic tile floors are cost effective. They cost similar to other flooring materials. However, their low maintenance and long wear make them a superior product.

When you install your ceramic flooring, you can install identical tiles on the backsplash. This will give your walls and floors, a perfect match. You can match patterns as well as color.

Ceramic is very durable. It does well in high traffic areas. It can be broken. However, it is easily repaired. You may only have to replace one tile. Always buy extra tiles at the time of installation. Years later, that style and color may not be available.

You can have it professionally installed. However, the average person can install ceramic tile. It may take some studying and research. However, it is not beyond the average person’s capability.


Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for kitchens. It will work very well for your backsplash and floor. The variety of colors and styles, make it a popular material. The cost is similar to other materials. However, the durability factor makes it a cost effective investment. When properly sealed, ceramic tile is easy to clean and care for.

Make sure that you know which colors and styles that you wish to use. You can use the same tiles on the floor and the backsplash. This can give your kitchen a look of continuity. The average person can installĀ kitchen ceramic tile, with a little practice and research.

Kitchen Ceramic Tile
Kitchen Ceramic Tile