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How To Install Stacked Stone Tile

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Stacked Stone Installation

So, are you ready to build your stone wall in your house? Let me share the steps that I got from some reliable sources:

Set up a plan

Now when you already have a planned project of your stone wall, it is the time to pick up the material. Yes, the stone. As I said before, there many types of stones available out there thus it is your decision which one(s) that will make your wall looks amazing.

For your information, dry stack walls can be possibly made from three types of stones: round field, relatively flat stacking and uniformly cut dressed stones. Considering each has its own feel and look when attached in the wall, make sure to see the picture first.

Ah, I nearly missed it, do not forget to bring your wall measurement as it will affect the quantity and the size of the stones you need.

Lay out the wall area and direction

You have already had everything you need to build your stone wall, so let’s start with the main job here. Before building it up, you need to lay out the wall area and direction; you may cut away a bank or build the wall and backfilling as you go to create a terrace effect. Pull a string line the length of the wall to define the front wall. Right, are you done? This is not the most challenging part of it, it will not take too long time.

Dig a footing

From the word ‘footing’ you probably can guess that this step belongs to making a base or foundation for the wall. Dig a ditch the length of the wall that is about a foot wide and 8 to 12 inches below the ground level. Besides working as the footing, this ditch also prevents the stones from sliding forward because of the pressure of the earth behind.

Place larger stones on the bottom (always)

In order to make the foundation strong and steady, always remember to place the larger stones on the bottom. Put the flat slide facing forward and slanted back about 8 degrees. The rock should just miss touching the string line, and be supported by dirt filled in behind it. Do this for the length of the wall, with each large rock touching the one next to it.

Fill dirt behind the large stones

You know, the center of the wall needs to be laid with fairly tight fitting stones and then leveled off with dirt. Therefore, fill dirt behind the large stones and tap the earth firmly while letting the 8-degree slant hold the stones in place by gravity. In this way, the wall stone will stand steadily.

 These walls can be made using poured concrete, fake stone veneer, natural stones, interlocking blocks, interlocking pavers and even pieces of wood.

Is that all? Nope, you still have some more steps to build your stacked stone wall such as providing complementary stones for filling in the space between the large rocks, making the next layer of stones and finally square off the top of the wall with smaller stones to give it a neat, straight and flat look. Not as hard as you think, is it?

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How To Install Stacked Stone Tile
How To Install Stacked Stone Tile

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