How To Choose The Best Kitchen Backsplash Stone Design

You have taken time to design how your kitchen looks but the kitchen backsplash stone is where you can’t seem to make up your mind.

You’re not alone.

A lot of people become stuck when it comes to how the backsplash should look. This is mainly due to the huge choice available to someone looking to design a backsplash (materials, etc)

This post will help you make up your mind real quick by listing things you should consider when it comes to backsplash design.

Bear in mind that a backsplash should add a touch of personality to your kitchen. It should say something about what kind of taste you have whenever someone enters your kitchen on any occasion.

Stacked Stone Backsplash

Material consideration

Are you thinking of going with tiles on your backsplash? You will still need to select from lots of options. And this applies to any other material too. What will help here is to consider your needs. Are you looking for something that is very easy to clean? Or for you, is the most important thing is the aesthetics?

Putting these into consideration will help you make up your mind quickly.

If ease of cleaning is a factor for you, then you’ll want to go for materials like ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles which are easy to maintain. A quick wipe may be all you need to keep your backsplash clean and maintain its look.

On the other hand, a natural stone backsplash is a beauty to behold. They can turn your cooking space into a 5-star hotel kitchen overnight. But stones do chip and can turn to a cleaner’s nightmare, taking several hours to clean.

What is trending?

One thing you can do when looking for the backsplash to use in your kitchen is to check out what is currently trending when it comes to backsplash design.

Yes. There are backsplash styles that will always go with the time, like natural stones veneer, but being abreast of what is in vogue will help you greatly. For example, the subway tile has always been popular as a backsplash choice. But instead of the 2 by 6 form of the original, it is common nowadays to use a smaller or larger dimension tile.

The same thing applies to backsplash materials. Instead of using ceramic, glass tiles can be used. Large natural stones can also be opted for over small-size ceramic tiles or stones.

Understanding what’s trending will allow you to apply trending variations to existing designs.

Backsplash arrangement

For more contemporary feel or look, you can add variety to the arrangement of tiles. You can arrange tiles vertically instead of the more common horizontal arrangement.

You can even combine both forms to get a unique backsplash look.

One modern style I’ve seen with some backsplash design is a kind of contrasting arrangements whereby a section of the kitchen wall is covered in vertical tiles while the rest is covered in horizontal style.

Another modern style is a 3D installation where tiles are fixed with varying depths on the wall. Even though these styles are usually difficult to clean, an increasing number of homeowners are becoming fascinated with them.

Talking about contemporary trends, glass backsplash is also becoming more common. One design is to fix a single piece of painted glass to the backsplash to create a beautiful clean look.

If you want a bold, modern look, you can expand the tiling area to include up to the ceiling. This adds a kind of futuristic touch to your kitchen.

What is the best backsplash material for my kitchen?

To determine the material you should use for your backsplash, it’s good you consider certain factors like the size of the kitchen, cost and material.

For example, those with small kitchen always try to make maximum use of all available space. So, they usually put the backsplash to use, like hanging utensils or incorporating shelf to hold kitchen tools. Mirrored backsplashes are also a consideration for those with smaller kitchens. They can make a kitchen space appear bigger. And that’s not the only thing they do, they add a touch of glamour, reflect light to make your kitchen look brighter. Coupled with the fact that they are very easy to clean.

A big kitchen, on the other hand, calls for simple backsplash tiles design, especially if its one with many windows. In such kitchens, elaborated tilework may look out of place.

When it comes to color, simple subtle colors will always work for a backsplash than bold and bright colors.

Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

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