4 Inspirational Home Decor Trends In 2022 Which You Must Consider

4 Inspirational Home Decor Trends In 2021 Which You Must Consider

Living in a beautiful home is a dream plenty of us cherish for long. However, only a couple of us make the right steps and do a good job when we talk about the interior design of the house. Those people who search for the latest interior design trends are the most inspired ones. In 2021 we have a lot of work to do when we talk about home decor. The best part is that StackedStoneTile.com brings you fresh content from the Home Decor industry. The main action you may consider, after you already read this article, is to act. Sounds easy, right? 🙂

Let’s take a look at some of the interior design trends 2021’s features

1. Room Color Trends 2021

When we talk about your room color paint, 2021’s Star could be considered the gorgeous shade of gray named Metropolitan from Benjamin Moore ( also known as AF-690 ). This room paint – combined with cool undernotes – represents the modern complexity of the 21st-century interior design. Benjamin Moore brand has also released its Color Paint Trends of 2021, a large palette of colors, from neutral gray to rich green, all the concept being designed around the Metropolitan color. Let your creativity model your room color.

Benjamin Moore Color 2019 - AF-690 color

Benjamin Moore Color 2021 – AF-690 color


You can also try Geometric Patterns

Thanks to the symmetrical harmony, you can decor your Living Room with this kind of well-known tapestries. Textiles are essential for couch, flooring, windows and wall decor. The tapestry used in interior decor is the ideal artwork, imitating engaging scenes, such as historical scenes or, why not, fantasy scenes. There are also spaces where the tapestry could boasting woven with abstract decors, giving a fresh look to the original creation. Even inserted in just on side of your interior, a wall decorated with tapestry can be eye-catching for your house visitors.

2. Living Room Trends 2021

In 2021, organic modern may represent the ideal and good taste for many homeowners. It may give modern appealing and by keeping the path of theory “Less is more”, your living room would be represented by the cozy effect and simplicity. The idea is to create areas where nothing is too “more”, and everything has a specific function.

If you start to decorate or redecorate your living room, you should keep in your mind to follow these points:
* Calculate your budget – Yes, this is a very important step. Nothing is worse than your funds are gone and you are just at the half of the redecoration. A good alternative for low budgets is the items auctions. You can find nice things on websites like Amazon or eBay. But when you buy from these websites, pay attention to the seller stats, to avoid the scams.

* Check your walls and floors integrity – Ok. You’ve just calculated your budget and everything seems to be ok. But, before you effectively start to redecorate the living room, check the condition of the floors and walls. It is really bad when you already pay for the items and discover that you can’t use them. Be sure that everything is ok.

* Pay attention to the Utility of your living room – If you are a romantic and your living room include a fireplace, you may buy two chairs alongside the sofa. If you are a workaholic, then you may think for a corner for your home office.

* Draw the delimitation of the style – You can use a paper and a pen, or – if you have software skills, you can use software like AutoCAD, to make the plan for the future decoration. It is better to have a virtual version of the interior decor before you will effectively start the work in the room.

The steps above are essential for doing a good interior decor job. Now let’s talk about the types of living rooms.

For small classic living rooms, you should avoid bulky furniture. The furniture you may consider to add in your new decor could be something with more slender lines, in the idea of adding an elegant feeling to your space. Don’t be afraid to use bold color combinations in dark tones. The new decor must be focused on utility and sober details. You may include clear and warm color combinations – the effect of these will be the enlargement of the space. On the opposite, adding too much heavy furniture will saturate the space and give a bad visual effect.

The way you will place the furniture in your living room is also very important. Follow these steps for a good result:
*Measure the space before buying the new furniture. Don’t forget about the storage space. If you plan a corner for the storage, before you start to decorate, you will save a lot of headaches after.

*Diversify the furniture – We talk about the living room. Here you will sleep, work, watch tv, and a lot of other home things. Make sure you will insert any kind of furniture you need. The idea is that you may want to include the living room, workroom and even the dining room in the same place. Usually, any homeowner has placed in the living room a sofa, two armchairs and a table with at least two chairs.

*By using elements that are not equal, you create an asymmetric balance. This will give harmony and sophisticated feeling to your same. It is very pleasant for the visual effect.

I am a fan of neutral colors, because they are simple and, at the same time, very elegant. Do you remember? “Less is more”. By adding neutral palettes, such as the palettes from Benjamin Moore, you will create an effect of spaciousness in the room and, with the right light, you’ll give the feeling of good taste and elegance.

For a more sophisticated appealing, you can add mirrors. The position of them may differ, but even if you add a mirror on the wall or the floor, the living room will gain amplitude.


3. Kitchen Trends 2021

Another very important room in your house is the Kitchen room. In 2021 we’ve seen a lot of great kitchen decor concepts. 2021 will bring new opportunities for homeowners. The main concept in the kitchen interior decor trends of 2021 will be the Clean integration of the kitchen furniture. Even when we talk about modern kitchen furniture or wooden-made kitchen furniture, 2021 will impose a new way of the furniture arrangement.

Kitchen Color Trends 2021

When we talk about the colors of the new kitchen decor, in 2021 we should have these two words in our mind: Textures Contrast. The best way to blending the furniture with the kitchen backsplash or kitchen floor is to use a combination of marble, stacked stone tile and modern furniture made from metal or even wood.

Don’t forget about the light. On open-space kitchen decor will give a much more pleasant feeling to your interior decor. To give more amplitude, you can include a larger backsplash, lighted with neutral colors.

Kitchen Color Trends 2019 -1

Kitchen Color Trends 2021 -1

The first example is a part of an Open Space kitchen in this inner-city apartment. The kitchen needed to be aesthetically appealing as it was visible from both the dining and lounge rooms.

Similarly, the room had to be chic and modern to compliment the owner’s collection of contemporary furniture. Given that the space was quite small, the design needed to revolve around efficiency and functionality, with plenty of usable bench space and clever cabinetry.

Hi-Gloss White Thermo Laminate was used for the cabinetry, its reflective surface creating the illusion of space and its stark brightness contrasting wonderfully with the black backsplash. The Backsplash is framed by a custom made rangehood whose design both addressed the issue of the flue outlet being fixed and added a quirky touch and a great focal point to space.

A Hafele pull-out pantry and a Le Mans corner unit enable easy access to food and crockery items while Hafele strip handles to keep the small space streamlined.

LED lighting was installed under the benchtop which creates a lovely evening atmosphere, achieving the sunning and modern outcome the homeowner required.

The second example is this kitchen, with an integrated space. From the early stages of development of this project, the balance of form and function was a high priority for the homeowner. This priority was well accounted for, with this small kitchen capable of accommodating a range of utilities, and with the use of color creating contrast, mediation, and vibrancy.

The standout feature of this kitchen renovation is the flow between the kitchen cabinetry and living room bookcase. The shape of the bookcase emerging out of the kitchen and moving into the living space is extraordinary to behold. Its capacity to fluidly meld two seemingly incongruous pieces of furniture and create a seamless, joyful foundation between two traditionally separate rooms is a truly unique feature.

The issue of high ceilings and narrow walls was addressed by creating slimline overhead cabinetry, which reaches above the boundary of the kitchen wall and integrates with the designer bookcase in the living room. The effect is an extended, synchronized feel between the two spaces, which opens up the kitchen and creates a harmonious living space.

The homeowner designed this kitchen, taking two unloved, poorly used spaces and transforming them into the warm heart of the home. A love of sophisticated style, particularly retro-Danish features, was a guiding principle of the renovation. The changes needed to coalesce effortlessly with the late Deco features present in the other rooms. Above all, this kitchen design is special in the response it engenders in its occupants, who now describe the experience of sharing cooking as a dance, rather than a wrestle.


4. Bathroom Trends 2021

When we looking at the bathroom trends of 2013, the main points could be Marble, Concrete, Wood and En Suite. Like the living room or the kitchen, the bathroom space is also very important. In 2021, the artistic statement is the main objective. The tapestry can also be included in the bathroom design and, with the right light, the result will be very good.

We will show you some Bathroom Design examples which you may consider in your Bathroom renovation 2021.


Timeless in all respects, this masterpiece pays homage to classic French Provincial architecture, with a contemporary twist that makes this a true showstopper.

Portraying pure class has never seemed so effortless than in this design, with copious amounts of space, sumptuous timber accents and beveled glass throughout.

The En Suite follows the theme with gorgeous floors, walls, and benchtops clad in beautiful Italian Marble stone.

The benchtops and floor in the bathroom are also matching composite stone but this time the designer cleverly integrates bathroom walls with Italian vitrified wall tiles in a complementary yet cost-effective and utterly stunning combination.

The En Suite has flanking both sides of the custom cut, bevel-edged mirror and two slimline, vertical cabinets lined in timber with glass shelves. Enhanced with downlights, this becomes a major feature of the bathroom and affords a sense of eminence to the design.

A typically enduring design, this particular project, and layout have allowed for the addition of a large number of doors and drawers for a super functionality, as well as soft-close hinges for convenience and discreteness. Rivaling even the best of hotels, these bathrooms set the bar high for modern-period design.

Bathroom Trends 2019-1

Bathroom Trends 2021-1

Designed a generous and stylish En Suite in this new Williamstown house that delivers to the owners the mystic luxury they were looking for.

Rich chocolate wall and floor tiles are a warm canvas for the luxurious features of this generous bathroom. A freestanding bath in the center of the room sits shining in white brilliance illuminated by the chandelier hung above.

Tucked privately around the adjacent walls are the toilet and shower, while to the other side, mirrors and cabinetry provide space for grooming.

Behind three delineating blade walls, the carpeted master bedroom walk-in robe is conveniently located near the bathing area for ease of dressing.

The open plan decor of the bathroom and robe area provides for the kind of luxury and space one would normally only find in a hotel.

Rejuvenated Bathroom Decor

Injecting new life into this 80’s styled ‘telethon home’ of over 30 years, Design and Decorate have implemented a seamless design of understated style and sophistication that both complements and contrasts its surroundings perfectly.

From the moment you walk into this gorgeous bathroom, the large translucent windows set behind a freestanding steel bath create a focal point for the room, backlit with a soft glow that allows light to emanate throughout the room. This soft gloss is enhanced with the inclusion of a mirrored glass wall adjacent, which also adds depth and an illusion of space to the room.

A neutral palette is adorned with fully vitrified, matte-finished porcelain tiles throughout, while darker tiles have been used as a feature wall to the back of the toilet and shower.

Premium fittings include a floor-mounted bath filler/hand shower, basin mixers protruding from the wall over the double vanity topped with Corian stone. Hidden lighting behind the bath and under the vanity create a point of difference, adding spectacle to the design.

The oversized shower is housed in a frameless glass screen, featuring an oversized handle – a feature in itself – that draws visual continuity through the design to the separated toilet that sits behind a timber door with a translucent glass insert for privacy when the bathroom is being shared. This is a simple feature that is often overlooked in modern bathrooms where the toilet is integrated into the room.


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