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The Grandeur and Beauty of A Victorian Fireplace

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The Grandeur and Beauty of A Victorian Fireplace

The beautiful Victorian fireplace of the glorious past is still very in demand especially by those who have a liking for a period fireplace. The Victorian antique has been revived with a home that has a Victorian look and interior decoration. A Victorian reproduction is readily available because of its popularity. The contemporary fireplace is given an antique look complete with Victorian tile or Victorian metal like the Victorian wrought iron.

Old properties are able to ask a high price especially when they have an original Victorian fireplace. Victorian fireplaces symbolize wealth and luxury of a typical rich Victorian household. A Victorian restoration is readily available to bring back to your home and fireplace its original grand appearance.

It is truly a tragedy to rip apart a Victorian house to make it into a modern one with bamboo laminate floors, minimalist furnishings, a futon, plastic windows and a fake electric fire.  Victorian properties have the best when it comes to decor as can be seen in the intricate details of the sash windows, decorative coving and ceiling roses, wide oak floorboards, tall skirting, huge solid wood doors and most especially the “piece de resistance” or the Victorian fireplace.

Since modern times dictate organization, a far cry from the various decorative clutter of the Victorian age, we can actually blend the two worlds. The ease and convenience of modern living can be complemented by the grandeur and richness of the past. You can accomplish this by keeping your fireplace intact. A gas fireplace gives beautiful warmth and creates a good ambiance, where everyone could enjoy precious moments talking or cuddling together. There is no doubt that a fireplace is an essential decorative element in your home decor, serving as the focal point in the room.





You can revive your Victorian fireplace in your period property using several alternatives. You could buy an antique fireplace from specialty shops or even from the salvage yard. They may cost you more especially when the parts are all complete. Another option is to buy a modern fireplace with a Victorian gas. You may need to work on your fireplace surround to make it look like its original piece. It would not look good to have a mock Victorian fireplace in a Victorian home, which is why your best bet is to have an authentic reproduction Victorian fireplace.

Most manufacturers use an original fireplace to make moulds or create a new cast iron fireplace that is a close replica of the original one.

The chief advantage with this option is that you can hardly tell the original one from the reproduction. Having a Victorian reproduction will also add value to your home, making it a good investment on your part.

The Grandeur and Beauty of A Victorian Fireplace
The Grandeur and Beauty of A Victorian Fireplace

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