Give the Bathroom a Much Needed Facelift

Give the Bathroom

a Much Needed Facelift

Stacked Stone Tile Bathroom: Bathrooms are the most commonly neglected rooms in a home. When renovations are completed, the bathroom is usually the last room on the list. This is the room of the home that has the worst reputation simply because of a poor beginning layout. Making some changes can open up the space and make it inviting.

Changing the Layout
Since plumbing already exists in the space, consider a different layout that maximizes the space. This is often the smallest room in the home, make use of ever inch in a smart way. Consider moving the shower or tub closer to the window and separating the toilet with a half or full wall.

Color Selection
For the bathroom, light colors work best. These make the small space appear larger. Accents with accessories and dark flooring can add the contrast that the space needs. Spa-like settings are ideal so a color choice in the light green or light gray spectrum are trending.

Storage and Accessories
Storage is almost always an issue in the bathroom. Consider storage that is above the toilet and build a few cabinets in the wall for towels and other bathroom items. A vanity with storage is ideal to prevent the vanity top from being cluttered.

Another option for storage is the medicine cabinet. It is ideal to have the medicine cabinet set flush into the wall. This allows for ample storage for prescription medication, first aid items and small personal care items.

Fixtures and Hardware
Fixtures tie a space together. Modern fixtures and hardware have been trending for several years. Brushed nickel and chrome finishes on hardware, like many of those from Zack Linea as an example, are nearly timeless in design. These are also items that have simple designs that can be painted should the color-scheme of the space change.

With a little know-how and the help of tutorials, most of these bathroom updates are do-it-yourself. If you choose to reconfigure the space, the help of a few friends with remodeling knowledge may be of assistance. Once the facelift is completed, the bathroom will no longer be a space to hurry up and do what you have to and leave type of space. It will become the room you wish to retreat to for a relaxing shower or soak in a hot bath.