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Gas Fireplace: Convenient, Warm & Attractive

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When people invest in a new home, they would naturally want everything to be just perfect. Prior to moving in, they pay careful attention to the details of the interior including your furniture, appliances and other household decorative items. After all, this new home will be with them for years so it is a worthwhile investment to make sure everything is just how they like it. An important element to complete your home is good gas fireplace.

You can choose your gas fireplace based on several factors like functionality, look and cost. A trip to the store will show you that there is a wide range of fireplaces to choose from, with different designs and price ranges. If a vented gas fireplace is more apt to your preference, you can go for the high end to low cost ones. If you have a theme for your interiors, you could choose a gas fireplace that is suitably designed. Many decorators actually use a fireplace as the focal point of their design.

Obviously you do not just purchase a fireplace because it looks good or adds value to your home. A gas fireplace offers the best heating solution too. This type of fireplace is becoming more in demand because they do not have the inconvenience of burning logs and cleaning up after stubborn soot.

There is now a profitable market for gas fireplaces, wherein manufacturers are constantly designing innovative products to give its consumers more choices. Vented gas fireplaces as well as freestanding stoves are now readily available.


A vented gas fireplace actually directs the toxic fumes created by the burning gas logs to find an outlet so as not to pollute the indoor air. This system is similar to the traditional chimney where the smoke from the wooden logs pass and vented outdoors. You can select a product that employs natural or propane gas, making sure that you burn either one with the damper always open.

There are some homeowners who have utilized an old chimney, serving as the top venting channel of the vented gas fireplace. For homes without a chimney, a pipe can be easily installed as your vent. Your fireplace installers can expertly recommend or set up your venting pipes.

However, in case top venting is not suitable for your chosen fireplace, you can opt for a direct venting. This is performed by making a two layer pipe pass through an opening on the wall just at the back of your unit. It works by having your outer pipe suck in air from the outside and result in combustion making the gas burn.

Afterwards, the inner pipe removes the toxic gas waste out so there will be no tell-tale sign of it inside your home. This is said to be one of the safest set up because no indoor air is used in combustion and the toxic gas passes straight outdoors.

True enough, your gas fireplace will be a great comfort to you during those cold winter months. You also do not have to worry about the toxic fumes in your home and the hassle of cleaning up.

Functional and Attractive Gas Fireplaces

During those cold winter months, a fireplace is still the number choice to provide the best heating solution for your homes. It is not only a necessary piece of equipment but also an attractive element in your home décor.

If your are looking for a good fireplace for your new home, you may want to have a gas fireplace installed. Gas fireplaces are a lot more ecologically sound than its wood-burning counterparts. It can be easily installed as well, whether it is flued or unflued.

A flued fireplace directs any pollutants including water vapor through a chimney or a flue. Doing so, will make sure that your room is kept free from the smoke or any kind of odor, which an unflued fireplace usually does. However, the latter option has been associated with various health problems, which is why the flued model is now being preferred more by homeowners.

There are many gas fireplaces that ably combine functionality with beauty. You will be amazed by the wide selection of gas fireplaces that come in various designs, matching any kind of home décor theme. There are units that can be retro-installed into an old fireplace and using the same flue. There are those models that can be fully insulated or built into a newly constructed home suing conventional timber framing.

The best kind of fireplace is the one that is flued externally. This is the ideal solution in making your room feel comfortable and fresh. You do not need the kind that deoxygenates typical of the lug-and-go gas heaters. This kind makes you feel sleepy and miss out on enjoying the warmth and beauty of the fireplace.


There are even modern fireplaces that operate apart from the room atmosphere. This kind is perfect for individuals who are prone to allergies and are very sensitive to changes in their environment. Nowadays, with innovations in technology, the fireplace has gone a long way form its masonry wood-burning predecessor. A fireplace can be customized to match a builder’s preferences or taste.

A fireplace can be flued either vertically or horizontally, providing the installers with flexibility to where to place the fireplace. After all, it is also an important decorative piece so it must occupy a prominent place in the room for added aesthetic value.

It is very important that the homeowner specifies the purpose of its fireplace, whether heating or decorative or both. The design and features of the fireplace will be chosen based on your goals. The size of the room is also an essential consideration so as to pick out the size of the fireplace itself.

Home designers should consult with expert fireplace installers on how best to maximize the heating offered by a fireplace for a specific room. Bigger rooms need more heating so a much more efficient and well-position fireplace is required. Small details like color and finish will also be considered.

The current trend now is for gas fireplaces to be more energy-efficient. Many homeowners now are much more informed on how best to conserve energy and lessen the bills. With the soaring prices of basic goods, many people are becoming wiser consumers.

Gas Fireplace: Convenient, Warm & Attractive
Gas Fireplace: Convenient, Warm & Attractive

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