Flagstone Patio: Laying Flagstone Patios and Walkways

Flagstone Patio

Laying Flagstone Patios and Walkways



Flagstone Patio Intro: Some how, people have gotten it inside their heads that flagstone is just another phrase for pavers. Well, they couldn’t be more incorrect. Flagstone is in reality a form of stone that’s flat. It isn’t used specifically for laying flagstone pavers, even though that’s what it’s often used for. In actual fact, flagstone has many different uses from fences, fireplaces, patios, walkways, and even roofs, to also the morose on tombstones. However, for now, let’s focus on the charming uses of flagstone.

Traits of Flagstone

Flagstone is known as a sedimentary rock, and as most sedimentary rocks, it comes in various colors that make it an appealing product to utilize for some parts of your home. Some flagstones are red in color, others are blue, grey and yellow, while others are brown.

You can cut Flagstone into square or rectangle shapes, however getting it in it’s normal uneven shape would be more unique. That’s what makes flagstones so unique is their own abnormal shape. The shape they make when used with each other form such an appealing final result that’s fun and unconventional, an appropriate change from the structured monotony of some of the more regularly used materials such as brick and cement.

Laying Flagstone as a Walkway or Patio

When you decide to use it for your walkway or flagstone patio, you will have not one but two standard alternatives. Either you stick them with each other in order that they form one strong pathway or perhaps you prepare them with small gaps in between. Both options look wonderful, particularly on properties that appear comfy and inviting.

Flagstone walkways are generally harder to complete because you’ll have to find flagstones that fit together. Flagstones are much harder to fit together than brick or marble tiles because they’re irregularly formed. However, you won’t have to settle for the sides being rugged or cracked because that’s the entire point of a flagstone walkway. What is actually so great about solid flagstone walkways and patios is that often once they’re finished, they make a stunning mesh of colors.

Flagstone pathways with some space in between them tend to be just as interesting as the solid ones. It is possible to space them in whatever way you choose, either you want them to be spaced nearer alongside one another or further apart. All you need is just a little creativity.
What is great with this is that you can have the turf and the plants grow between the natural flagstones, having a gorgeous path where it’s going to appear to be you’re strolling through the foliage without harming the plants.

Whether you’re building a pool deck or making a walkway, laying flagstone would be a gorgeous yet good investment into your property.