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Fireplace Mantel Shelf | Improve The Appearance of your Fireplace Hearth

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Today we will talk about the fireplace mantel shelf. What it is, what is the material is made from and the best product to buy.

What exactly is the fireplace mantel shelf?

A fireplace mantel shelf is an elegant way to improve the appearance of your fireplace hearth. Taking up less space than a traditional mantel, fireplace mantel shelves add a focal point to your fireplace without detracting from the room’s decor.

What are the materials a fireplace mantel shelf is made from?

Usually, it is made from wood. Of course, in our days you can find products made from plastic, all kinds of metals and even granite or marble ( which is more expensive ). I personally choose the classic one, the wooden mantel shelf, because it is easily inserted into every room decor, even the modern one.

What is the use of the mantel shelf?

Mantel shelves allow you a similar showplace for images (like your family&friends’ pictures, for example), decorative objects ( like sculptures, or paintings ) or other decorative items that a regular mantel would, but don’t take up almost as much space.

It can also improve your Christmas room decor. It is a plus to the fireplace because you can add on it Christmas ornaments, holiday figures ( like Santa figures, angels, carolers, wreaths, garlands and any other decorative objects. ), etc. .

How to install the fireplace mantel shelf?

You can ask your local provider about how to install it, or you can follow the hundreds of DIY tutorials on the internet about how to install it. Normally, if you buy it online, you will also get a manual about how to install&use it or, at least, the manufacturer will show you installation process tips on their website.

It is important the kind of the fireplace?

Even if you have an electric fireplace, a gas fireplace or a wood-burning fireplace, this kind of product is fit to any category from above. Like I told you at the beginning, this product adds a plus value to your fireplace hearth and it will bring only benefits for your room decor.

Fireplace Mantel Shelf | Improve The Appearance of your Fireplace Hearth
Fireplace Mantel Shelf | Improve The Appearance of your Fireplace Hearth

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