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Fireplace Inserts Installation | A 101 DIY Guide

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Fireplace Inserts Installation

A 101 DIY Guide


Fireplace Inserts Installation: There are various fireplace inserts that you can use to update your old fireplace by changing its fuel source. Fireplaces may be fed with either wood, gas or propane. Wood burning inserts were the first to gain popularity. However, there are restrictions in some localities regarding the use of wood-burning equipment.

Environmental considerations are often the basis of these restrictions. Some eco-campaigns claim that wood-burning contributes to air pollution or the greenhouse effect. It also poses a health hazard especially for those people frequently inhaling the smoke for burning wood, typical of chimney fireplaces. Because of this and other visible benefits, the demand for gas inserts is steadily increasing. A gas insert is a gas assembly that looks like the actual log, where combustion takes place in a sealed environment.

Fireplace inserts must be installed with caution for failing to do so will result in a problem. Your existing fireplace must support the insert because some do not. The usual place, often overlooked, is the chimney. Before installing the insert, check if your chimney has the necessary vent. If not, then you may need to reline your chimney according to the type of insert you would like to use.

Your fireplace will normally come with an instruction and operation manual. Refer to this and know if inserts are sate to use and install. Besides, most fireplaces have important information placed at its bottom. You can retrieve this vital piece of information by opening the cover of the lower vent. You need to know the manufacturer and model of your fireplace so that you may know if it is compatible with your inserts.

Fireplace Inserts Installation | A 101 DIY Guide

Fireplace Inserts Installation | A 101 DIY Guide

Better yet, ask the same fireplace installers to do the installation of your inserts for you. They are trained and well-informed with your particular fireplace. They will also have your records with them to serve as their guide. A certified fireplace installer or technician will know not only about your particular fireplace but as well as building code permits, which is often part of their services.

Your fireplace installer will determine the clearance required between your appliance and the venting system. He will guide you as to fire safety precautions and measures. This will include the type of flooring needed that is not easily penetrated by flying sparks and embers. He may even recommend fireplace doors or screens that will serve as your protection.

Fireplace inserts come in many styles, some so attractive that it will enhance the beauty of your fireplace. However, always bear in mind that these should be properly installed and your regular handyman may not be the right person to do it. Your wisest choice will be to hire the service of trained fireplace installers.

Furthermore, have your fireplace regularly checked at least once a year to guarantee that it is fully functional and safe. You can fully maximize modernizing your fireplace by spending more time with your family or friends sitting by its side.

The Essential Fireplace Tools You Need

Everybody loves a fireplace, especially on a cold winter night. If you have just purchased and installed a new fireplace, you will be sure to have plenty of cozy evenings by the warmth of a fire. To fully maximize your fireplace, you need to have the right accessories for a fully functional and well-maintained hearth.

The usual tools for a typical fireplace consist of a shovel, a poker, a set of big tongs and a bristle broom. These tools can be bought individually but a more practical investment would be to buy a set. When you get a set, it usually comes with a free stand used for storage.

The stand is very helpful in keeping your tools in a safe and clean area. The tools can be placed or hung inside, keeping them neat and out of any one’s way.

The shovel is a necessity particularly in wood-burning fireplaces, which need regular cleaning. You use the shovel to remove chunks of ash or burnt wood left in the middle of the pit.

The finer ash can be cleaned using a special vacuum designed specifically to suck in ash. Most vacuum cleaners are unable to remove ash because these are so fine and easily slip through the filter bag of the vacuum.

Rather than cleaning, you even spread the ash all over the room. Ash vacuum cleaners are designed to scoop in ash both warm and cold ones. However, there are now modern fireplaces with an ash pit at the bottom. This ash pit collects all the ash and you will just remove it when you cleaned the fireplace.

If your fireplace does not have this added feature, you could invest in an ashbin with a firm lid. This ashbin could hold the ash before it is more than enough to be thrown. Metal bins are preferred since they do not burn.

After you shovel the burnt chunks, you may use a broom to gather all the fine ash. You could sweep the ash into the shovel then throw this afterward. A hard bristled broom will remove the dust without scattering it.

The poker is also widely used for wood-burning fireplaces. It is used to arrange the logs to make a better fire. It has an upside-down hook a few inches above the bottom tip, designed to move or push logs.

A pair of big tongs is also useful. It makes a better grip in raising logs to position it properly. Some tongs have three ends, which are more effective in lifting burning logs. The tree points instead of two allow for a better-balanced log and a steadier grip. You mustn’t drop the logs and scatter sparks that could be fire hazards. Investing in a three-tipped tong may be a wiser and safer choice.

Fireplace tools come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are not only designed for its uses but also as a decorative element to enhance a beautiful fireplace. Some tools are affordable and some pricey, depending on its material and design. The prices of fireplace tools can be so varied as well as their quality.

For an excellent design and finish, you will surely get a higher price. A machine makes most of these tools with a few hand-wrought iron tools that are beautifully designed. The usual pattern includes a leaf or scroll designs with decorative grips. It is really up to you and your budget in choosing the right fireplace tools for you.

Whatever its design may be, its chief purpose is to help you maintain and clean your fireplace safely and conveniently. You have invested a lot in your fireplace, it is time to enjoy it and with the right set of tools, this is easily done.

Resurfacing Your Fireplace

Fireplaces do have a great aesthetic value. It is not only a great heating solution but for many homes, it is the heart and life of the entire house. Many good memories will surely take place by the warmth of your fireplace.

A fireplace often serves as the focal point of the room so great attention should be placed on it if you are planning to do some home improvements. Now and then, we need to embark on those necessary home repairs and renovation so that our home can keep up to the times.

Nowadays, many home designs are practical, easy to maintain and a lot safer. A home is where we spend most of our time with our family so it requires our greatest attention especially in matters of improving it so that we can all enjoy it more.

Remodeling your house or just a single room requires good planning especially if you are thinking of resurfacing your fireplace. The first crucial step you must make is to make a detailed plan of how you want your new room to look.

You may look at magazines or surf the net for helpful ideas on new and modern fireplace design. You may also dabble in creating your unique design if you think you have the knack for it.

Just remember to choose the right colors as well as itemize the materials you will need for this particular project. Your home improvements will progress more if you have a good plan. In this way, you do not need to spend precious hours undoing and re-doing things.

Resurfacing a fireplace is relatively easy since many hardware stores are specializing in any kind of home improvement. It will be more practical to bring your design plan with complete measurements of your fireplace. Using your plan, the sales personnel of the store will be able to help you with all the materials you need to purchase. They may even improve on your design or make some useful recommendations.

If a flat surface is part of your design in resurfacing your fireplace, then the task is made simpler because you do not need to remove the entire thing. Big stones can be easily flattened and evened with big chisels. You may also opt to remove the old materials and just cover the entire surface by cementing new stones or bricks. Re-painting the fireplace mantel will complete the new look of your fireplace, making it look brand new.

You can embark on this project on your own especially nowadays that a do-it-yourself mentality is prevalent. Stores have a variety of gadgets that can help you do your job. However, for safety and security reasons, it is wise to hire professional fireplace installers.

Gas fireplaces, in particular, require a higher degree of caution so that the fireplace will function optimally and safely. Getting the professionals to resurface the fireplace will not only give you a great looking fireplace but guarantees you a worry-free and delightful time by your cozy hearth.

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Fireplace Inserts Installation | A 101 DIY Guide
Fireplace Inserts Installation | A 101 DIY Guide