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Ensuring Safety With Gas Log Fireplace

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A gas log fire is not that much different from a wood fireplace. These gas fireplace heaters can be very efficient in heating and look very real too. The gas log fireplace comes in two basic designs to give you a choice depending on your preferences.

These gas log fires can be used with an outdoor vent so that you ca be assured that the carbon monoxide is directed away from your house. There is also a fireplace design that burns a gas log which does not need any kind of vent.

The advantage of the modern fireplace is that there is so much variety available nowadays. You can easily find a gas fireplace to meet your budget or requirements particularly when you have a specific theme for your interiors. For many homeowners, installing a vent can be difficult so going for an unvented fireplace is the most practical option.

If you are thinking of going for the unvented gas log fireplace, you need to know some important facts before you purchase one. The gas fireplace log that does not require a vent will have to burn the carbon monoxide efficiently so that it will not contaminate the room. This is vital because you will not have any outlet or vent to direct the harmful gas away from your rooms. In addition, you need to use the exact kind of logs to make your burning fireplace safe for its users.

Your gas log fireplace without any form of ventilation system needs to have an Oxygen Depletion Sensor. Another option is to install a carbon sensor in your room to guarantee that the room air is safe. Many people prefer the ODS because it is attached into the gas log fireplace and is able to shut off the supply of gas before the oxygen in the room reaches a dangerous level.

Another consideration when you choose the unvented gas log fireplace is that you need to choose a special area in your house.

Unlike the electric fireplace heater, the gas log fire is not that portable. Safety is a primary consideration, which is why you need to follow a proper fireplace installation. An unvented fireplace system ought to be contained inside a masonry fireplace or a firebox, which comes in many decorative designs.

Moreover, because this particular fireplace log can really get hot, you need to know of the rules to guarantee the utmost safety. For one, it should be an open fireplace with its doors open when in use. A fireplace grate can be installed to make sure that your fireplace is well secured. This is especially important when you have small kids at home, who just love to play with fire. It is best not to leave the children unattended whenever you have a burning fireplace.

It should be known that in using your heart fireplace, whether it is vented or not, never leave it overnight. Before you turn it for the night, make sure that your gas log fireplace is switched off. It might be a good idea to open a window a bit especially when the logs are still burning in your wood fireplace.

If you opt to use gas logs without a vent, you may have issues on condensation. The fireplaces with vents will naturally carry the moisture outside while the ventless typically do not. Nonetheless, the benefits you will get in getting a gas log fireplace far outweigh the special care they need especially on matters of safety.

With this gas fireplace log, you can get cozy by its warmth while enhancing your interior with its modern designs. You can even go for designer fireplaces for a unique and extraordinary fireplace without compromising its efficiency.

Enjoying the Natural Beauty of A Log Fireplace

We all have seen many wonderful moments spent getting warmed by a burning fireplace. Wood heaters of old are where families gather to have a cosy chat or just simply to cuddle up for warmth. Now, modern fireplaces in the form of a gas log fireplace, electric fireplace or the ventless fireplace has served as a heating device as well as a decorative piece in the overall home decor.

The traditional wood-burning fireplaces do have their own appeal especially the unique ambiance created by crackling log. However, its heat escapes through the chimney like your typical masonry fireplace. Gas log fireplaces are believed to be much more efficient as it burns clean and offer efficient heating. This contemporary fireplace is very unlike a wood fire since it uses gas and not wood as fuel.

The gas is supplied through a pipe that is directly connected to the fireplace. Using the gas log fires are very convenient to use usually at the click of a switch. Real flame then burns around the logs that look like real ones to offer you the natural ambiance of a wood burning fireplace. You get to enjoy the unique beauty of a wood fire without the hassle of chopping wood and cleaning after stubborn soot.

Outdoor or Indoor

A log fireplace that uses gas as fuel comes in two kinds, which are the ones that vent outside your house like the wood burning fireplaces or the ventless fireplaces. The obvious difference between the two is the intensity of the flame it burns. Typically, when you burn wood or gas, you get to produce carbon monoxide.

A fireplace that has a vent directs the carbon monoxide outside your home. For the ventless fireplace, the carbon monoxide along with other substances created by the fire become combustible and burnt in the fire. This process produces a more intensified heating, which is cost-efficient and energy-saving.

However, whatever fuel you may choose for your log fireplace, it is still wise and practical to install various carbon monoxide detectors in your home. This gas cannot be seen by the naked eye nor sensed by our olfactory organ so its spread and contamination may not be easily noticed.

Large quantities of carbon monoxide can be harmful leading to serious injuries and at times, could even be fatal. This is why it is a lot safer to open a window a bit when you are using your gas log fireplace so that fresh air can also enter your home. Obviously, never leave your fire unattended while you sleep or do some chores outside.

A gas log fireplace is best installed by the professional fireplace installers who can expertly install the gas lines as well as orient its owners on how to use it safely and efficiently. There are licenses and permits that may be required by the local authority. Know beforehand if your ventless fireplace is permitted in your particular location especially if you are living in a building.

For sure, a log fireplace is a beautiful addition to every home, giving it elegance and grandeur. There are even designer fireplaces that are customized to match the theme of your interior decorations. There are very elegant fireplace tools and accessories to further improve your fireplace design.

There are various styles and materials to make a decorative fireplace surround, fireplace screens, fireplace grate and fireplace mantel. You can employ your own creativity as to how you can embellish your fireplace. One thing is for certain, a fireplace log that creates an efficient heating with its attractive fire sure makes a great looking fireplace.

Ensuring Safety With Gas Log Fireplace
Ensuring Safety With Gas Log Fireplace
$449.99 $499.00

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