Ceramic Tile Flooring

All You Need To Know About Ceramic Tile Flooring


Flooring is a very essential factor in any home as well as office space. There are a huge and vast variety of options available to choose from but out of these, ceramic tile flooring is probably the best option for you. This flooring option is very versatile and flexible in terms of usage.

Ceramic tile flooring is a great choice for residential purposes since it is available in a multitude of designs and color shades to match with your decor. You can select the kids which fit in your budget and fulfill your flooring requirements.

Offices and commercial spaces can also be covered using ceramic tile flooring. Tiles meant for such kind of flooring are generally sturdier and more durable as compared to those meant for home use. This is because ceramic floor tile is measured using a PEI scale which informs you about the robustness of flooring.

Depending upon the reading of the scale you can use different ceramic floor tiles in different locations. Houses require tiles showing a PEI rating of 3 whereas those meant for places which have heavy foot traffic should ideally have a PEI rating of 5. This ensures that the ceramic floor tile is apt for the kind of use it will be put through.

These universal tiles are available in an array of shades and styles to cater those who have a choosy attitude! Bold and dull hues alike, you can dress up your floor as per your convenience and tastes. Ceramic floor tile looks sophisticated and polished due to its texture and glossy sheen.

Providing a solid range for selection, ceramic tile flooring need not be limited only to a particular shade. Blended tiles are also available in different attractive styles which you can use to enhance the look of the desired space.

Another good thing for those who prefer ceramic floor tiles is that it has a price range that takes everyone’s pocket into consideration. Starting from inexpensive tiles to highly pricey ones, ceramic floor tiles can fit well within your defined budget, adding to its appeal.

The benefits of ceramic floor tiles are aplenty but there is a downside as well. Ceramic tiles are usually of a very slippery texture due to the smoothness of their texture. This makes them slightly risky when elders or young children are around. However, you can choose slightly matt coated ceramic floor tiles if you are skeptical about its slick surface.

While this slight drawback can be put aside, the ease of use is noteworthy. You don’t need special detergents to clean ceramic floor tiles and a regular cleaning will do perfectly well. Apart from this, they can be coated with special shine-enhancing materials for that extra chic look!

In short, ceramic tile flooring has a widespread appeal and can easily be used to serve different purposes be it your home or office. With high quality and low maintenance to its credit, ceramic tile flooring has been given thumbs up sign from all its happy users!