Can the over exposure of chemicals pose a health risk

Can the over exposure of chemicals pose a health risk

The health of any living organism is very sensitive in nature, any kind of unfamiliar, foreign and toxic chemicals can cause damage to it immediately, the extent of damage will depend on the concoction of ingredients or chemicals applied to the organism.

Can the exposure of chemical pose a health risk?

Many people think that, exposure of any kind of chemical, can pose damage to human health. So, we need to ask ourselves what kind of damage will it be and also what kind of reaction will our bodies have once it interacts with our body? There are a lot of factors involved which transmit chemical danger from the environment to our body.

The answer is quite simply, YES!

Over exposure of chemical can definitely pose danger to the human health and over a long period of time these dangers are simply intensified. So how do we come into contact with chemicals in our everyday environment? The following are a few ways in which chemicals are transmitting to us that can inevitably be dangerous to our health.

By inhalation

One main health hazard is the inhalation of chemical material directly, in contact with air. Firstly, it causes damage to breathing which affects our lungs, that can lead to several causes of diseases. A very good example is inhalation of smoke or carbon dioxide, inhalation of cigarettes known to cause lung cancer and inhalation of carbon monoxide which is a silent killer caused by leaking gas. One main preventive measurement is the use a mask in the areas which are specified for chemical reactions or there is chance of any exposure. Whilst there are some chemicals that pose more of a health risk than others, any exposure of any chemicals over a long period of time of inhalation will not be good for your overall health.

By consumption

Factories expel out their wastes directly into sewage water which leads to the rivers, so this contaminated water is used in farms and also being filtered before supplied to the houses, otherwise it can cause a serious effect on human health. Our eco-system is also being affected by the waste pumped out by large factories into our air and back into the rivers. This has an adverse effect as the fish that we catch live in these water and rivers and ironically it is us that end up eating the fish when they caught. So whatever diseases that are getting pumped into the rivers are affecting our fish and the affecting human life as we consume the fish. A good example is the nuclear leak in Japan Fukishima’s Nuclear powerplant that got ruptured in the effects of an earthquake that caused a tsunami. It is claimed that many people are now experiencing severe health problems including cancerous and non-cancerous diseases from consuming radioactive foods in the area.

By direct contact with skin

One more important hazard is that, the contaminated air means the air having dangerous element, is directly in contact with our skin which is our largest organ with millions of pores open for access. Anything that our skin is in direct contact with also affects our internal organs with over exposure. Even though a mask is a preventive element it does not protect your body unless you have a protective suit on. Again, like the Fukishima disaster, where large amounts of radioactive materials were released into the air and in turn contaminating the air environment and life in the vicinity with ground deposits. Those companies which is having work related with chemical manufactures, uses special uniform and gloves during field work, so to some extent the damage is prevented.

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