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Buying Your First 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – A Natural Mattress

On average, humans spend about one-third of their life sleeping. Therefore, why should you sleep on anything less than perfect? Learn how to choose an eco-friendly mattress and start slumbering in a healthy style. It could make a difference when it comes to supporting a less toxic environment, reducing allergies and enhancing your overall quality of life.

Natural Doesn’t Off Gas

California passed a 1975 law that required furniture manufacturers to use flame-retardant foam materials. The chemicals used to produce such foam have turned out to have a long life of off-gassing volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission (1/9/06),

“…the average adult will absorb a daily dose of .802 mg of Antimony (Arsenic), .081 mg Boric Acid and .073 mg DBDPO (Decabromodiphenyl Oxide) from flameproof mattresses, every night.”

The 1975 California law has been adopted in all 50 states.

Natural mattresses are made from materials that are naturally flame retardant and never off-gas.

Toss and Turn Less

Studies show that sleeping on an organic natural fiber mattress may result in less disturbed sleep.

The Medical Journal of Australia published a 1984 research paper by Dr. Peter R. Dickson of the College of Administrative Sciences, Columbus Ohio which is still referenced today.

When monitored through the night while sleeping on a wool mattress cover pad, Dickson found that study subjects tossed and turned notably less. They reported a night of better sleep and actually feeling better the next day.

Wool, one of the main ingredients in organic mattress production, may enhance sleep by decreasing pressure points as well as regulating body temperature. Wool is proven to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer beyond any synthetic material by wicking away body moisture that can change body temperature.

Many Materials to Choose From

Organic bed and bedding choices can be made of many safe, environmentally friendly materials. These include not only wool but organic cotton as well as rubber/latex that are often harvested through sustainable practices. This can be determined by making sure your brand choice contains a certified, 100% organic seal which should contain no synthetic materials or flame retardants.

Here is a quick benefit list of these natural materials:

  • Wool – Comfortable for sensitive joints; dust resistant; good insulator; natural flame retardant. It must be produced without the use of hormones or pesticides directly to as well as in the animal’s food. It is sustainable because sheep are not killed but simply shorn each season for harvesting. Note: Free-range, humanely shorn practices must be followed.
  • Cotton – Used in organic mattress configurations; wrapped in wool for flame resistance. Non-organic cotton has been linked to “massive environmental and health problems” according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Choosing organic cotton supports the continuation of Eco-friendly cotton harvesting practices.
  • Rubber/Latex – Used in natural “memory foam” beds; hypoallergenic; anti-microbial; wrapped in wool for flame resistance. It is harvested by tapping and churning the sap from the rubber tree without harming the plant.

Cover it Right

Bedding is just as important as the bed itself because if you choose a natural mattress and cover it in eco-unfriendly synthetic, dyed sheets you might as well keep your old mattress. Look for un-dyed organic cotton, wool, bamboo, silk sheets, and pillowcases.

10 Tips For Test Driving a Foam Mattress

I’ve been selling Zinus foam mattresses for just about 7 years now. During that time I’ve seen lots of different approaches to testing out the mattress we have in our showroom. I’ve been thinking about the people who have ordered these wonderful mattresses and how they are different from those that don’t.

I think one of the reasons that some people didn’t buy it because they didn’t get totally comfortable during the “Test Drive”.

I’ve got a few suggestions for you when it’s time to mattress shop which will help you get comfortable and eliminate some of the challenges involved.

Foam Mattress Test Drive Tips

  1. First and foremost – dress in comfortable clothes. Now we don’t want to see your jammies but loose-fitting clothes will help you get a better idea of how the mattress really feels.
  2. Empty your pockets, take off the cell phone, take off your belt and kick off your shoes. Pretend you’re about to board a plane and TSA rules apply – but TSA in this situation means Terrific Sleep Assessment.
  3. Wear clean socks – remember your sales associate is you usually standing nearby to answer your questions and holey socks might be embarrassing.
  4. Ask your sales associate to leave you alone for however long it takes you to relax and enjoy the experience.
  5. If there are overhead lights that can be turned off without plunging the whole place into darkness, ask to have them turned off. We automatically turn off the overhead fluorescent because even with your eyes closed they are a pain.
  6. If you sleep on your side, then definitely try that position when you’re trying the mattress. Whatever position is your favorite, assume that position as you try the mattress. Lying flat on your back is OK to start to get an idea of how the mattress will feel but very few people actually sleep that way.
  7. I know it’s difficult to get truly comfortable in the middle of a showroom with other people around but here are some simple relaxation exercises to check out that could be helpful.
  8. I know this next one is difficult and it’s only a suggestion – if you can leave your kids with a sitter, you’ll have a better chance of enjoying the test.
  9. Take your time. If you have an appointment you need to get to, wait until you are free. A mattress is a big investment in your future. We spend a third of our lives in bed so give yourself enough time to get the most out of your test drive.
  10. And last – remember with a Savvy Rest Serenity mattress you can customize the 3 layers of latex for your comfort so don’t be afraid to ask us to set up the bed with the combination of soft medium and firm that suits you and your partner.

Buying your first 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Buying your first mattress is a real adventure. You have to have a comfortable mattress if you want to be able to sleep soundly and wake up rested and refreshed the next day. Because everybody is different, there is no such thing as one mattress that is right for all. However, what does bring all of us together is that we need a really good night’s sleep. We know that if we don’t get a good night’s sleep, we can start to experience both physical and mental problems. Hence, choosing the mattress that is right for you is incredibly important. It is hoped that you will be able to find the right bed mattress for you with the following tips.

Buy 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress from Amazon

A good place to start is by doing some online research on Amazon. There is a lot of information available on sleep recommendations, looking at body types, sleep patterns and so on. If you suffer from certain health conditions, speak to your medical professional about what their recommendation would be for you. Too many people still believe a firm mattress is the best for your back, which is not necessarily true. We know that the best type of mattresses for bad backs are medium-firm mattresses, which are comfortable but still give a lot of support.

Also, pillow tops aren’t for everybody. These can actually be incredibly uncomfortable if you are too light to press them down. Those who are overweight, however, do tend to find pillow tops very comfortable. Perhaps you are thinking about buying an adjustable bed. Some people could not sleep on anything else, other people find that they end up sleeping sitting up.

Mattress Structure

Furthermore, a lot of people don’t like the construction of the mattresses used on adjustable beds, which is indeed very different from regular mattresses. Last but not least, there is the question of memory foam. Again, some people find them wonderful, when others really don’t like them.

There are a few more things to consider. You basically have to think about the money. You must start by thinking about your budget. However, you should also make sure your finances are protected. It is for this reason that you must look carefully into the warranty, as well as what the return policy is.

It should never take more than 30 days to get comfortable on a new mattress. Because you are likely to pay quite a lot for your new mattress, you must make sure that you are able to return it. It is hoped that the information above will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying your next or first mattress.

Other sources from where you can buy your mattress

Shopping around for the right mattress for someone with back pains means that a buyer would have to resort to checking out various information sources namely reviews, research papers, and even personal recommendations.

Said information sources are helpful although some of them can be slight subjective – reviews and recommendations in particular – although they are helpful; in the sense that they provide you with firsthand information on the product and the company that is selling you the product.

A research study, on the other hand, tends to be more reliable since these include conclusive reports done by scientists and as provided to them by participants; you get information that is backed up by scientific proof. If so, then what is the best type of mattress for back pains?

It is important that you choose a mattress that can provide full-body support in order to maintain the spine’s natural alignment. And because it conforms to the natural curves of a person’s body without sacrificing support, memory foam mattresses are the most recommended products for people that suffer from back pains.

The secret to the success of memory foam mattresses is these products work by evenly distributing a person’s weight and taking said person’s weight off the pressure points in the body while giving full comfortable support in the neck and waist areas. Not only is the spine allowed to elongate to its natural position, but this can also help ease pain, allowing back pain sufferers to get a restful sleep. If you are suffering from lower back pains, choose to buy medium-firm mattresses.

Now that you know what type of mattress to buy and how firm the mattress should be, you need to keep a few tips in mind before you decide to spend your money. Always take the time to comparison shop so you would get the best value for your money.

Check out what industry experts and consumers have to say about these products; you may find that lesser-known brands get excellent reviews and you need not pay a lot of money for them. You need to choose mattresses that come with a warranty; ask about the details of the warranty and make sure that you understand them before you spend your money. You also need to ask if you are allowed to return the mattress or at the very least exchange it if need be.

10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Approaches For The Bride And Groom

If you just got married and you are about to move into your new house, a mattress is one of the first things that you have to buy for your new home. Naturally, you would not want to end buying a mattress you are not going to be happy with. So you need to look into a few tips when you are out shopping for a mattress. To start with, you and your new spouse would have to agree on the comfort of the mattress you would buy. This is because not everyone has the same idea what a “comfortable” mattress is something that you are going to have to discuss carefully with your spouse. Some may prefer a soft mattress while others choose firm mattresses. It is also important to choose mattresses that are able to support the weight of the people that would use it.

You also need to know that you are going to find a lot of mattresses available. This is the reason you need to do what you can to narrow down all of your available options. The best way to do this is to set a budget before you start to shop around. This way, you not only avoid spending a lot of money on a mattress but you also get to identify which ones you can and cannot afford so you get to save a lot of time. So you not only get the mattress you like but you can be sure that you are not going to spend more than you can afford. You need to be sure that you are going to buy the mattress from a retail outlet, allowing you the opportunity to check the mattress first before you pay for it.

It is important to choose dealers you would buy from carefully. Making sure that you are going to buy from a reliable dealer is one of the things that you can do to guarantee the quality of the mattresses they are selling. This means you need to do your research on these dealers and manufacturers so you can decide whether or not you would want to buy from them. You need to choose a manufacturer or a dealer that has been in business for a long time and have great reviews from their customers. This way you can be sure that you are going to buy from a legit business and that you can trust them when it comes to product quality. So you need to carefully study all of your available options before you decide to buy a mattress.


The 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress may be the best choice you can buy! The price/quality report is very good and you will get only benefits.

Questions from the visitors:


What happens if you sleep on a memory foam mattress before 24 hours?

I’ve just bought my first foam mattress and I am really happy about this. But, while I was looking in the manufacturer book, I discover that I should not use or sleep on the mattress in the first 24h, while it will fully expand. Should I use it right now or tomorrow? What do you think?

Our response:

It’s not a big concern. In fact, over 85% of the mattress will expand in the first 3-5 hours after unboxing. Of course, it will not feels “exceptional” on the first night, but it will be ok. A little trick to boost the expanding process is to raise the temperature in the bedroom with a few grades. This will do the trick!

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Buying Your First 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress
Buying Your First 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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