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Building a home with a stone siding porch

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Building a home with a

stone siding porch


Through the process of having our home built, we have had to make many different decisions that we didn’t realize were things we would need to think about. In the beginning we thought we had covered all of the bases, but as work began we realized that there were just so many small details that we never really considered.

There were decisions to be made about the color of the tile we wanted for the bathroom counters, and if we wanted the same tile in all the bathrooms, or different in each bathroom. These decisions ranged from really important to very trivial, but yet they were still our decisions.

The one that was the most unexpected, and the one that took the most time to figure out, was what we wanted to do on the front porch of the home. There is a slight wrap around porch, and so it faces the side yard and the front yard that faces the street. We had to decide on the flooring of the porch, as well as the look of the pillars and the wall behind the porch, the front siding of the home.

In the end, we went with stone siding on the back of the porch coming up four feet, and then stone siding along the base of all the pillars that hold the roof up over the deck. We had decided that we wanted plank type wood as the flooring of the porch, with stone steps that lead up to the front door and the porch.

And then we sat on the partially constructed porch for a few evenings and discussed what we wanted it to look and feel like, from the house looking out as well as from the street looking up.

This was how we came to the decision on the stone siding for the pillars, because we wanted to be able to see the stone from inside the house when we looked out, and we wanted the base of the pillars to be wide enough and sturdy enough to sit on to put glasses on.

Once we made that decision, we also decided that we wanted the actual wall of the external of the house to match the pillars as much as possible, so we didn’t want it to just be painted wood siding all the way from the roof to the ground. And so, we decided we wanted to install some of the stone siding up the side of the home’s exterior walls that would go with the stone siding on the pillars.

After giving it some thought and making our decision, and now seeing the outcome, I think it works really well and came out looking exactly as we had imagined. The bathroom counter tops may not really matter, but the porch was very important to us because we will spend as much time there as possible, when the weather allows.

And so we wanted to fully enjoy the look and feel of the space, making the decision on the stone siding a very important one.

Building a home with a stone siding porch
Building a home with a stone siding porch
$29.99 $39.99