Best Interior Design Trends You Must Follow in 2022

Best Interior Design Trends You Must Follow in 2022


Today we will talk about the Best Interior Design Trends in 2022. Here at we put a high value on general Home Design. At Stacked Stone Tile you can find valuable home design resources about almost every constitutive element of your house. Before we start, please take a coup of coffee or tea, relax on your chair and be prepared. A piece of good music will be also great. We’ve inserted inspiration advice for our readers.

Interior Design With Nature | Best Interior Design Trends 2022

Flowers can brighten up any room, regardless of shape or size. Therefore, regardless of what your house really looks like, it could use some flowers. Add freshly cut flowers
to your living room every day and you will immediately start to notice the difference. If you cannot afford flowers, pine cones, river rocks and branches will do the job. Get
your kids involved by asking them to cut flowers or pick the best rocks when they see them. You probably do not have time to look for these anyway, so why not get the young
ones involved? Place the flowers in tall vases or glasses and then distribute them in strategic places around the house. The flowers will not only make your house look
beautiful, but they will also make it smell great.

Interior Design With Nature

If this is too much work for you, raid your fruit drawer. Fruits are not only good for eating, but they can also be good for interior design. They will definitely add some
texture to your space. Depending on the fruit in season, consider using large jars or vases to store your fruit. Rotate the fruit whenever you can and do not forget to remove
the blemished pieces. Citrus, pumpkins, and apples are probably the best interior design fruits.

The Basics of Interior House Painting in 2022

You should strive to keep your home attractive and new on all occasions. One of the best ways to achieve this is through quality home painting. For those planning to list
their homes, keep in mind that properly painted homes are the ones that will attract potential buyers. The fact that you may lack the skills of painting as the homeowner
is not an excuse because there are many professional companies offering the services. The size of the project should be a basic factor of consideration when deciding to paint
and should be well understood. This allows proper planning preventing hitches and glitches in the process. Be in possession of the best type of painting tools and equipment.

During the process, remember to detach the light fixtures, remove faceplates and cover all the switches and openings. It sounds unprofessional to paint over your fixtures thus
the need to bag the lighting bulbs and extensions. Ensure that the surface to be painted is thoroughly clean, dry and free of loose flecks of worn out paint. Use appropriate
fillers to fill the cracks. Before applying the paint, sand the walls properly and wash them well. Do not brush the coats due to the risk of destroying the brushes and also
avoid leaving them lying thinner. It is recommended to wrap them in plastic Ziploc bags. To avoid overlap stripes, ensure keeping the corners wet.

Considerations When Designing a Floor Plan in 2022

The floor contributes greatly to the look of any home. With this regard, there is a need to undertake careful thought and planning of the floor design. There are considerations
that you should make when designing this part of the home. The budget is the initial factor that every home builder should consider. It determines the workflow and the nature
of the floor be constructed. The location of the house and rooms is crucial because different locations tend to affect certain floor designs. This is due to the fact that
places like the kitchen, bathroom and the living room all require different designs.

Take into consideration the size of the house, shape, and number of the rooms because it will determine whether to use the open floor plan or the segmented type. The
environmental elements should be looked upon since they affect the design of the floor. Keep in mind that the sun heats the room during cold days and having a huge
overhang above the windows will help a lot in providing shade. Keep restrooms and bedrooms away from the traffic operated grounds to prevent disruption of sleep. Other
factors to consider include Comfort features, safety, room décor, size of the furniture, room functions, family needs, wiring, etc.

The Modern Door Designs For A Modern House in 2022

When you are interested in giving your home a modern look with all modern accessories, furniture items, and interior design ideas, you can’t forget to buy the doors with modern
looks as well. A room designed with all modern accessories and furniture cannot be completed without a modern door. Think out of the box and forget that the only doors to
existing in the world are the ones that swing open. You now have the sliding ones along with pocket, roto, and flush doors. Browse and have a look at the looks these different
types of doors give to a room and then make your choice.

When you are looking for an exterior door and want to make some impression right from the outside of your house, just go for a conventional style with a unique color choice.
Think of a green door that matches your lawn’s grass color. A front door with cutouts that let the lighting from the inside of your house to the outside at night is great too.
For interior doors, choose a dark wooden colored door when you have light paints on the wall. A door with wooden sides and textured glass in the middle is perfect for
bathrooms. For dark paints on the wall, always go for a door with light color. For a romantic look to your bedroom, choose a pocket door boldly colored as compared to the rest
of the room.

Best Interior Design Trends 2022 – The Modern And Luxurious 2022 Chandeliers

The best way to finish a luxurious and modern room with style is to add a perfect chandelier to its ceiling. However, it could become quite a task to choose the right
chandelier for your room because not a lot of people are aware of the factors that make a chandelier good or bad for their room. First and foremost is the height of your room
than the size and finally the place where you want to hang the chandelier. Once you have made a note of those details, here are a few modern chandelier designs for you to give
a thought to.

To give a modern but a sober look to the room, go for this drum-shaped chandelier with crystal accents hanging from the drum. The drum should is mostly made of silk so you
can decide almost any color. Another great idea is to have the wide chandelier with crystals and beaded glasses decorated on a pure chromed frame. If staying with the
conventional colors isn’t what you want, there is a great chandelier with multicolored leaves attached to chromed branches. If it is too hard to make a choice among all those
shimmery and crystal chandeliers, pick up the new pendant style chandelier which has a cage made from aluminum surrounding a lighted glass centerpiece.

How To Decorate A Stylish TV Lounge

You can decorate a stylish and comfortable TV lounge if you are not really into decorating the traditional TV lounge. The TV lounge is the place at home where you spend your time
getting entertained mostly. Why to go for traditional furniture in the TV lounge that’s something that doesn’t get you fascinated or interested? Sometimes it hides the beauty
of wall paint or wall art if it is big. You can make this situation easier by designing your TV lounge smartly. Choose flat-screen television and decide on a suitable place where
you can look at it from different angles.

TLK modern-interior-design-ideas

TLK modern-interior-design-ideas

One of the best things about the flat screen is that you can see it from various angles. And it does not require furniture around it as it can easily be placed anywhere on the
wall. The color of the wall can be highlighted with contrast and this contrast can be made with bold colors. Because you have to spend time there so the color theme
shouldn’t be one that grows on you after you have spent an hour or two in the room. Lighting in the room should enter from a direction where it doesn’t affect your TV viewing.
Better yet, just use blinds to control the entrance of light in the room.

How To Create A Spa Like Bathroom Design?

Nothing’s more serene and comforting than relaxing and getting caressed for a whole day in the spa. However, spending even a day at the spa could be quite expensive and for many
people, it is impossible to afford a spa visit every month. In such circumstances, it is better to design your own bathroom in a spa-themed manner. Here’s how you can
accomplish this task. The first thing that you need to do is paint the walls with very soothing colors and no colors could be more soothing than bluish whites, light blues, and
greens. Don’t spend too much on expensive tiles.

Now you need to create the right effects in the bathroom and these effects are acquired with the right lighting. Use the pillar candles to accentuate the corners or floating
ones if you have a bathtub in the bathroom. If you don’t find the idea of having candles in the bathroom very fascinating, go for recessed lighting. Place a rug in the
available space and buy one that is thick and soft. Use plush towels and if color choice bothers you, just go for the white ones. A little greenery would be great and for the
best looks, go for a wooden bathtub.

A Contemporary Kitchen For Stylish Cooking

Can cooking be stylish? It surely can and all you need for stylish cooking is a stylish kitchen. So what do you need to do to make your kitchen stylish with contemporary
accessories, cabinets, and interior? Here’s what you can do to design a contemporary kitchen and make your friends go crazy about it. Give a light color to the walls of the
kitchen first of all – light peach, yellow or off white would be great. Put a lot of windows on the wall to let a lot of sunlight enter the kitchen in the day time. Once you
have done this you can start with the real thing.

The countertop of the kitchen should be outlined and finished with a wooden finish. All the closets and cabinets should have wooden finish with contrasting handles and countertop.
Keep the floor wooden as well but if you don’t like that, go for a dark floor color. Finish it with a dark-colored and modern looking dining table. Just where the working
space of the kitchen ends, put a rug and you could be bold or sober with the choice of the rug. Just keep it simple and don’t fill the kitchen with excessive accessories.

Best Interior Decor Trends 2022 -Ideas For Decorating Home Office

Decorating an office isn’t your job but decorating a home office is definitely all about you. When you want to work in a home office, the first thing you have to be sure about
is to keep it cozily professional. You don’t want to make it too professional to even call it a home office. At the same time, you don’t want to make it so comfortable that
you don’t feel like working in it. Rather than focusing on soothing or dark colors, think of fresh colors. Light green shades are refreshing and so are bluish-white ones.
Don’t overstuff the space with items because clutter can be distracting.

Have a wall-mounted cupboard with open shelves for office-related stuff and a desk that could contain your computer, computer accessories and other items in the drawers.
Always have a window in the home office to let some fresh air refresh your mind. A view of the garden is better than any other option. A moving upholstered chair is great.
Decorate the wall with motivational artistic paintings or quotes. Don’t go for deep carpets since they’ll obstruct the movement of your chair. Instead of walls, try your
creativity and sense of colors with other items such as a chair, lamp, bin, paintings, etc.

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Room?

While furniture, windows, blinds, and carpets play an important role in the decoration of a house, the vital contribution of lighting can never be overlooked. When you are
choosing the lighting for your room, you must know the purpose of lighting first. Lighting mainly serves two purposes and you will decide the type of lighting based on your
requirement: lighting is for brightening up the place and to give a particular mood to it. When all you need is brightness, you would want to go for white lights and LEDs are
a better choice today. For creating a mood, you require an entire book of knowledge.

When you have a screen in your room for watching movies, get some blinds to prevent sunlight from entering the room, go for ambient lighting. For relaxation and a serene
environment, cove lighting is the best choice – however, you need a stylish ceiling design for that. If you are an art lover and love collecting art pieces at home, go for
accent lighting. Use downlighters, up lighters and other forms of directional lighting to highlight your favorite art pieces. When it comes to children’s room, keep them well-
lighted and bright. Add task light on a table for their studies as well.

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Best interior design trends 2022 – Kitchen Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is the most ideal part of the house where most of the family members talk to each other about the past experiences they had. Also, the kitchen is the perfect place
to eat.

It is necessary to think of the kitchen lighting ideas that can make your kitchen more beautiful. Remodeling your kitchen requires the use of excellent kitchen lighting
materials. These kitchen lighting materials should blend perfectly with your lighting design. Remember that that kitchen lighting has its various roles to play. In fact, there
are two main types of lighting in the kitchen area. The first one is ambient or general lighting. On the other hand, the second one is task lighting.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Best Interior Design Trends 2022

Starting off in the general kitchen’s lighting requires you to assess it carefully. You have to look at the fluorescent fixtures and can fixtures. Both of them are a great
solution to meet your entire needs. They are made available in a wide spectrum or energy-efficient lighting possibilities.

The task lighting is also one of the best kitchen decorating ideas. You can choose them to illuminate your kitchen. The island lighting is also the most famous kitchen
lighting that can be purchased in several stores. One good thing about this kitchen lighting is that it shines a direct light within the kitchen area.

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