Bathroom Tile Ideas – Stacked Stone Tile

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Stacked Stone Tile


Bathroom Tile Ideas: What is the most popular building material used for a bathroom? That would undoubtedly be Tile. The ease of cleaning, the durability, the versatility and most of all the stylish looks have earned tile the number one spot on the list of materials used when it comes to finishing, decorating or remodeling a bathroom. The design choices are many, as tile comes in a seemingly endless variety of colors, textures and patterns. Here are some creative ideas for using tile in the bathroom:

Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Small tiles or large tiles with dark colors and big patterns should be avoided if the room is not very big. A small bathroom can seem much larger by using bigger tiles with bright, solid colors or a very small pattern. Cream colors, a light rose or yellow hues work best. Adding a vertical mirror or several mirrored tiles on one side will add to the optical illusion of a much bigger room.

Create an Undersea Atmosphere

Using tiles in shades of blue not only on the floor but also on the walls or around the tub will give the bathroom a feeling of being surrounded by water. Adding some decorative tiles as a border along the wall or as backsplash behind the sink will give it a tropical or beach feeling, depending on what motive is used. There are many decorative tiles available with sea shell, tropical fish or dolphin motives that work well for this purpose. If tiles with a motive are used be sure to space them evenly to balance out the whole room.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathe in The Ruins of Italy

Or any other landscape you wish, really. To achieve this effect, arrange several picture tiles (these are widely available in home remodeling stores or can be special-ordered online) in the middle of the wall and frame them with tile border, making it appear as if it is a window. This is especially effective if a simple, white tile is used throughout the walls of the bathroom. This technique also works well as a stand-alone design, meaning that the walls can be painted and have “tile windows” as decorations.

Relax in Your Personal Spa

If you love the relaxing, calming atmosphere of your spa then why not recreate it at home? To create that natural feeling of a spa at home, use ceramic or stone tiles for the bathroom floor. Keep the color neutral and pay attention to the wall colors. A dark wall will look better with lighter flooring; a lighter wall on the other hand needs darker flooring to complete the look. Earth tone colors with pastel or light green accents will give your bathroom the feeling of a calming retreat. Bright colors, such as red, should best be avoided. Red is the color with the shortest frequency and the longest wavelength, making it a very intense and stimulating color. Even if you use a very toned-down red this may still apply. The more earthy-green or brown tile in stone or ceramic is used, the more relaxing the bathroom will feel, especially if some soft lighting is added. Or mix in some colored glass tiles with the ceramic or stone to catch the light and create a subtle glow.

Shower in Old-Style Spanish Mediterranean Luxury

Hand-painted tiles add a beautiful, luxurious look to any bathroom, but hardly anyone can afford to lay a complete bathroom floor in them. If you love the look of hand-painted Spanish-style tiles but want to avoid the expense, lay the floor with terra cotta tiles, which are usually much less expensive. Then accent the room with a border of handmade or hand-painted Mexican tiles for that traditional Spanish look.



Make Your Bathroom a Work of Art

Mosaic Tiles are not only beautiful; they come in various designs and patterns. Choose to create your own pattern, such as the look of rain dripping down, by using very light colored, small tiles on the top, working your way down in darker and darker shades of blue, ending with almost black tile on the floor. It is important that you mix the colors as you transition to each new color, so as to not create a horizontal line but rather a gentle transition creating a natural look. Or if you are unsure choose a ready-make-mosaic that can be easily attached to the wall with tile glue, and then work your way around it on the remainder of the wall. While these tiny tiles make for the most beautiful bathrooms, it is a lot of work to install these. Just be sure that you are up for it before starting a project of this magnitude, otherwise, have a professional do the work.

Tiling your bathroom can be a lot of fun, but keep in mind that the choice of tile is really what will determine the mood of the entire room. Considering that we all spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom make sure that the design is both welcoming and practical.