Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget Under $10,000



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Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget Under $10,000
Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget Under $10,000

Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget Under $10,000

How much will your bathroom remodel will cost in 2022 – Bathroom Guide for 2022 

Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget Under $10,000 – Bathrooms are the most commonly neglected rooms in a home. When renovations are completed, the bathroom is usually the last room on the list. This is the room of the home that has the worst reputation simply because of a poor beginning layout. Making some changes can open up the space and make it inviting.

There have been a few ways to look at this small bathroom remodel project. One way to look at this project is the idea of saving up your shekels for a really big change all at once.

Many of the same principles have been at work; making the bathroom space comfortable according to your needs. That’s what this article is about.

Read this before you decide to start your small bathroom remodel project

Plan it before

The first thing you need to do is to make up a plan for your bathroom design.  In remodeling a small bathroom, planning is essential to avoid costly mistakes.  You also need to check your budget and ask yourself how much money you are willing to spend on this renovation.  This would limit your choices and help you decide faster on what to buy.

Small Bathroom Hacks

Just re-painting the walls and cabinets would already improve the overall look of the room.  You only have to choose a color that would brighten up the place and would blend well with the color of your tiles.  Installing decorative window films on your windows in remodeling a small bathroom would surely make your room more elegant.  You can also make use of these window films on the glass doors of your cabinets and your mirrors.  You would be pleasantly surprised at the effect of these window films on your bathroom.

In remodeling a small bathroom, you need to make sure that there would be less or no clutter at all in your bathroom.  Store all your bathroom essentials in a cabinet or bin to make the place look neat and tidy.  Make sure that glass doors or cabinets are covered with tinted or frosted films that would hide its contents.  Clutter would make the room even smaller not to mention untidy.

Pay attention to the hardware

In choosing the right fixtures in remodeling a small bathroom, just make sure that the size would fit in perfectly.  Elaborate designs also have a way of taking too much space so something simple would be appropriate and ideal.  Choose a sink that has a moderate size and a faucet with a sleek design.  When it comes to your shower heads, this is the time where you can definitely choose a big one.  There is nothing compared to the feeling of taking a shower with a large showerhead.

Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is that the design of this place should make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Bathroom Design Ideas to Maximize Small Bathroom

Each time you are looking through the pages of a magazine that flaunts images of amazing and elegantly decorated bathrooms you are simply awestruck. Here are a few suggestions and guidelines that one can follow before renovating the bathroom to maximize its feel and redo its look. We also create a list with best bathroom products you can buy with a low budget. See it below.

  • In case you plan to invest in a brand new shower panel, try searching for the best deal. You can always install shower doors without frames, this will minimize the shower door swing and you will not require large clearance space.
  • Instead of a regular door (that requires at least a thirty-degree wide arc for the clearance area), opt for a pocket door. The bathroom will look broad and chic.
  • If the bathroom has any partition walls, remove them immediately. Partition walls were very common in old houses as they added design and segregated big rooms by creating smaller spaces.
  • Appropriate illumination is another overlooked aspect of a lot of people. To ensure a brightly lit area, place the recessed lights next to the vanity mirror.
  • Adding mirrors in various shapes and sizes can make the bathroom look larger than its actual size. There is a wide variety of mirrors available in the market that can enhance the beauty of your bathroom.
  • Ensure that the bathroom area always remains clutter-free. Any washcloths, extra towels and dumped clothes need to be removed to lend it a clean and fresh feel.
  • Opt for neutral and cool shades such as the tones of white, beige and pastels. The color should be well-coordinated with the fixtures and scheme of the bathroom.
  • Wall-mounted vanities should be preferred over custom made cabinets as the former looks stylish and saves more space.

For the Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget project, we recommend the next products:

Small Bathroom Idea - Just for your inspiration

So, it begins:

1. Floor 

We will begin with the bathroom floor. This ceramic floor tile has a luxurious aspect and it is also very resistant. The classic combination of the black and the white colors is great, even for your small bathroom. I think you will like the following product:

2. Toilet

Also called “The Facebook Chair”, the toilet is the place where you spend – let’s say, the most intimate moments. We will recommend this product:

3. Wall Cabinet

Very important bathroom furniture, this is the place where you can store your very personal things. This laminate wall cabinet comes with a nice aspect and it will fit 100% with any bathroom decor.

4. Mirror

Also a very important bathroom item, the bathroom mirror represents the most “watched” bathroom spot. Another big advantage of the bathroom mirror is that it can make your small bathroom looks bigger. We recommend this bathroom framed mirror for the wall. The oil rubbed bronze look will improve your bathroom aspect.

5. Lighting

Without light, it will be a little creepy to go inside the bathroom. For the bathroom lighting ceiling, we recommend the following item. Of course, the aspect of the light decoration is also important for your bathroom decor, so take a look below:

Small Bathroom Ceiling Light
Small Bathroom Vanity Light

6. Vanity

To complete the general decor, we also need a beautiful bathroom vanity especially created for small bathrooms. We try to maintain the color combination, so we will recommend this solid wood frame white bathroom vanity. It also comes with an integrated ceramic sink, so you just have to mount it into your bathroom.

7. Towel Hook Rack

This wall-mountable coat rack is also a very important item of your bathroom decor. It comes in various colors and it is very resistant.

8. Walls

We keep it simple: We recommend the following stick and peel white wallpaper. It gives the look of a bathroom wood wall. And it’s very resistant!

With our recommendations, you save good $$$

Best Tips For Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Changing the Small Bathroom Layout

Since plumbing already exists in the space, consider a different layout that maximizes the space. This is often the smallest room in the home, make use of every inch in a smart way. Consider moving the shower or tub closer to the window and separating the toilet with a half or full wall.

Small Bathroom Color Selection

For the bathroom, light colors work best. These make the small space appear larger. Accents with accessories and dark flooring can add the contrast that space needs. Spa-like settings are ideal so a color choice in the light green or light gray spectrum is trending.

Small Bathroom Storage and Accessories

Storage is almost always an issue in the bathroom. Consider storage that is above the toilet and build a few cabinets in the wall for towels and other bathroom items. A bathroom vanity with storage is ideal to prevent the vanity top from being cluttered.
Another option for storage is the medicine cabinet. It is ideal to have the medicine cabinet set flush into the wall. This allows for ample storage for prescription medication, first aid items, and small personal care items.

Fixtures and Hardware of the Small Bathroom

Fixtures tie a space together. Modern fixtures and hardware have been trending for several years. Brushed nickel and chrome finishes on hardware are nearly timeless in design. These are also items that have simple designs that can be painted should the color scheme of the space change.

With a little know-how and the help of tutorials, most of these small bathroom hacks are very easy DIY projects. If you choose to reconfigure the space, the help of a few friends with remodeling knowledge may be of assistance. It will become the room you wish to retreat to for a relaxing shower or soak in a hot bath.

For more bathroom remodel ideas on a budget, you can check our Glamours Bathroom Decor‘s Pinterest board


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